The 8 BEST Exercises for Biceps Tendonitis Shoulder Pain Relief! | PT Time with Tim

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Learn the 8 BEST Physical Therapy Exercises for Biceps Tendonitis Shoulder Pain Relief from Dr. Tim, a Licensed Physical Therapist.

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00:00 Introduction
00:45 Rotator Cuff Tendonitis vs. Biceps Tendonitis
01:06 How to Identify Biceps Tendonitis?
01:33 Activities to Avoid
01:52 Massage Biceps Muscle & Tendon
02:24 Supine Wand Flexion
03:29 Dual External Rotation with Resistance Band
04:13 Prone Horizontal Abduction
05:41 Prone Shoulder Extension
06:27 Triceps Extension with Resistance Band
07:14 Side-Lying Flexion
08:09 Pectoralis Muscle Stretch
09:07 Outro


PT Time with Tim says:

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mt Electrical says:

Can the pain be on the back of the arm?

sz.00 says:

Can bicep tendonitis also affect pectoral muscles? Thank you for the video as well it helps a lot!

Margaret Crowley says:

Thank you for this!! Has really helped me!

Matt says:

Great video thank you… I'm just wondering what is the purpose of the exercise at 2:26? is it for mobility? or strengthening a certain muscle?

Bong-o-সন্তান says:

Hi Tim I was diagnosed with tendinopathy in long head of bicep tendon on my left arm in April.

The acute pain is reduced.
Little Swelling is present in the upper part of thr bicep muscle.

But the range of motion is not improving. Still painful to reach my arm overhead with very lite weigh (an apple).

And when I rub the tendon it pains.

I'm doing the rehab exercises religiously.

My question is, is it going to improve ever. I'm starting to give up. Thanks

Nick Boswell says:

Thanks Tim! This one seems to be a recurring one for me from rock climbing, and subsequently never really treating it. Looking forward to finally fixing this!

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