Standing Ab Workout For Seniors

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This standing ab workout uses a weight to tighten the midsection, strengthen the core, improve balance and reduce lower back pain.

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Heidi St. Louis says:

I didn’t want to exercise tonight, so I purposely picked a short video. Well, silly me, this may be short, but this is one of your best! I feel totally energized now. Thanks!

Maria Pinto says:

Great workout for snr citizens ur truly an inspiration tks

Susan Ronan says:

Just starting out how many days a week should I exercise.

Simone Guenette says:

Much success with your surgery! You have been such an inspiration especially during this pandemic shutdown!
Prayerful speedy recovery! Simone

Teresa Thompson says:

Why do u move ur legs on a twist,surely they should be static as u twist from the waist

KK Bhatia says:


kasia catt says:

You are a Legend Cindy.You made my life almost pain free!😍❤️

kasia catt says:

You are AMAZING Cindy! My greatest discovery in years! Thanks for your great help.Kasia from Sydney.😍🌹❤️

S Keeptwo says:

Love YOU and all of your wonderful routines! Cannot get enough of you, Cindy! x0

CJ Cap says:

Great work out for core. Thanks

Bill Concannon says:

A great refreshing workout. Don’t skip your coffee, but this really energizes you.

Diane Kopesky says:

Hi Cindy. I am 70 and relatively active, but I have a weak core. My daughter has been telling me for years that I should do core exercises, and I've been unable to stick with them. She recently encouraged me to do just 10 minutes a day. I've been doing your ab exercises for a couple weeks now, and they feel doable. Additionally, I am already feeling results. I love your videos. They challenge me, but not so much that I won't follow through. And, the 10-15 minute increments feels doable. Thank you so much. You are terrific! Diane

Kell Brigan says:

Turn off the music!

Cynthia Sperling says:

This is a work out I can actually do

Kathleen Lynch says:

This was an amazingly challenging workout but feels good. Thanks, Cindy!

Anna Aylward-Murphy says:

Thank you for this wonderful workout

Julie Oelker says:

Excellent workout, thank you!

Annette Scruggs says:

Love your workouts!

Carole Berry says:

Love these exercises!! Can I do these every day or should it be everyother day

Mehak Kataria says:

mam please make more ab workouts

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