Shoulder Pain? (Treatment & Exercises for Anterior Shoulder Pain/Biceps Tendinopathy)

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Today we’re going to be discussing a common kind of anterior shoulder pain that may be associated with biceps tendinopathy.

People often make claims this is due to shoulder impingement, but this isn’t accurate and we discuss this in a video we’ve linked below highlighting the research on this.

To manage this condition, we want to focus on an active approach with activity modifications to reduce symptoms and then improve capacity with exercise therapy.

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Introduction- 0:00
Anatomy – 0:45
Mechanisms of Injury – 1:21
Shoulder Impingement – 2:07
Rehab Intro – 2:42
Training Modification – 3:23
Increasing Capacity – 6:50
Summary – 11:09

Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.


E3 Rehab says:

Thank you so much for watching! What other topics do you want us to cover?

realbigmic says:

This was very helpful😀. Gives me hope 💪🙏

PumaTomten says:

I kinda get that area very sore during chest/biceps workouts but can barely get the arm above my head or straight without extreme pain so much the arm bends

peep ff says:

I've been trying for almost 5 months now and bicep curls don't seem to improve the biceps tendon specifically, I was only able to strengthen my bicep muscle

Trey D says:

Thank you! I have not been able to find a clear and concise explanation on this source of pain for quite a long time. You sir, are a legend.

Ibrahim Faroun says:

First, thank you very much for this informative video.
I’ve been suffering from long head biceps tendonitis for 5 months. I stopped all push movements for 2 months to let it heal. And i did all rotator cuff excersizes and im back to working out but with little volume on stable “machines” push movements as It seems to hurt again when increasing my volume on push movements specially chest and shoulders pressing. The doctor told me the inflammed tendon is 1mm thicker than my right side tendon and that the tendon is calcified.
What can i do to heal it completely ASAP?

Kai Davies says:

Would this also make your shoulders click/pop?

Gehtdich Nixan says:

Great video! Thank you very much. how often do I need to train my tendons weekly in your opinion? is one day enough and can I work out other musclegroups on other days (in a 3 split for example). Or do I need to concentrate solely on the tendons? thx!!

Ismail Ali says:

I have shoulder strain what advice would i do dr

David B says:

Glad I went looking for a video like this. I have slight pain in my left shoulder when doing certain movements. Every now and then I a very noticeable rubber band snap happens and there is slight to moderate pain associated with the snap. It almost feels like the tendon is snapping back in place. The pain doesn't last long.

Will definitely need to re-watch this video a few times to get the exercises right. Adding it to a "Save" list.

ThePersianpimp336 says:

Hands down one of the best and most informative videos on this topic on YouTube, thank you for what you do!

ThatLDNFella * says:

Silly question can you still workout around it?

Jack ! says:

No shoulder pain here but I enjoyed the clear and concise video.


Thank For Video

goggins says:

Hey man, how often should exercises specific for this injury? Every day or?

Ailin Vanessa Pinto Salazar says:

Hello, I hope you are well, I have a question, I have a tendinosis in the tendon of the long portion of the biceps, and in the rotator cuff, I would have to treat both things at the same time and first one and then the other, I tell you because I read that shoulder external rotations can cause the biceps to move a lot and be affected and I felt it doing


Awesome video. Just what I needed to hear

NightKnightLegion says:

Omg, thank you!!!

Niklas Thoor says:

This is awsome! Thanks!

Karim Daher says:

Talk about snapping biceps tendon in the shoulder please

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