Do Resistance Bands ACTUALLY Work?

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Do resistance bands work? Here’s my take as a physical therapist and a look at a review of the research on progressive resistance training (PRT) sometimes referred to as progressive resistance strengthening (PRS). Here are the bands I reference in the video:

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Killerkarotte1 says:

I'm sure you mean well, but this video is somehow useless as they are pretty useful. 🤨

Curtis King says:

I agree. I'm 73 and been using bands for the last five years, and have gained muscle,people I haven't seen in awhile ask, have you been working out.

Ray Gsbrelcik says:

We do not need a YouTube App to tell us whether or not these 'Cables'
Work! I have used them for YEARS! YEAH—They WORK!!


Chuck F says:

This is a great video. Thank you. I use the bands with the Super Slow Training concept developed by Ken Hutchins. Researched and very effective. Raise the weight up for a full 10 second count and lower the weight for 10 full seconds for a total of 20 seconds of sustained contraction on the muscle you're working. Do not stop at the end of lowering the weight. Bring it right back up to maintain the sustained contraction. You may use 5 seconds to lower for a 15 second rep when beginning this method, and work up to 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down with no stop at the bottom end. The goal is to perform 8-10 reps with some degree of difficulty at the end. If unable to get to 10, STOP. You've worked the muscle to failure and you can move on to the next exercise. Only one set required ! Once 8-10 reps becomes easy, increase the resistance by 3-5 pounds until getting to the 10th rep becomes difficult again. Been doing this for 35 years and it works well for me. Initially started in the gym with Nautilus, then Life Fitness resistance machines 3-4 times a week. After 2 years only needed 2 X weekly workouts to maintain what I had achieved and converted to bands during the COVID gym shutdowns. Haven't lost anything by switching other than the socialization of seeing the regulars. I found a great series of band exercises on YouTube by Fit Gent (full body band workout) and (8 back exercises). Minimum time requirement and a lot of benefit although they are not done in the method I described above. I just do them as Super Slows.

Drop Weight Daddy says:

Resistance bands helped me lose 140 lbs

K.O. says:

What are some good flat options

Carbage Man says:

They work great at home to replace most exercises in the gym. There are a few stations in the gym they cannot replace, like the pec deck and the roman chair, but they also have their advantages. I like that when I want to work in a few more reps, I can take some tension out and get a few more reps in. The down side is that the resistance they offer is variable, so they work best when you do slow repetitions to failure than several sets of multiple repetitions (because from day to day you may not be getting exactly the same resistance. The need to use leverage instead of working against momentum also helps with core strength in some exercises.

In short, I'm a fan, but they have to be used with some knowledge of what's happening.

Dan H says:

Yeah they work….since using them in workouts massive increase in mass and physique within less than 2 weeks….know they 100% work from using resistance bands first hand.

Steve Meloccaro says:

I'm 67yrs old, lifted free weights for about 40 yrs, use only bands tube & loop + body weight for the last 10 yrs i have better rom than with weights and the best part is my joints DON'T hurt as much

Uofmdoc says:

Outstanding explanation of the benefits in plane. Good work Tim.

gamerboy says:

They work anything with resistance will build muscles, anything your muscles go through, failure, progressing overloading and time under tension will result in hypertrophy.

king shake says:

My bands break so easily.

Haitham Allam says:

in general this band not geting you big muscle No way

Joeyplaysgames says:

I feel the need to say that you’ll never be able to handle the same workload with bands that you will with weights. I love bands and use them every day but if my goal was to get as strong as possible then weights would be the easy choice. It all depends on how you want to train. Bands are great for looking and feeling good but they’re not great for pure strength.

Chantel Wensley says:

I'm 50lbs overweight..rapid weight in the past 3 years due to hormonal stuff. It's been awful on my joints and I've notice atrophy across muscle areas that were once well developed. I will definitely invest in resistance training …get some strength…and than I want to start HIIT and calisthenics….if I can 🤣

JustAverage says:

I just bought some bandstand waiting for it to be delivered. I get little to no exercise during an average day. I get out of bed sore… I am somewhat overweight and am hating the way I feel. I'm 37 and feel like I'm 70 yrs old. I hope I can get good results from them.

ForeverDreamWithinADream says:

I first tried resistant bands when my mom bought them years ago to heal from an injury (she broke her ankle and this was part of her physical therapy) and I tried them out as well as they were good for stretching. A good quality resistant band (long full body and the leg ones. Some can be pricey but are worth it in the long run) can really help build muscles. I am using them during my weight loss and sculpting workouts. You can take them anywhere basically, so good for travel, home gyms or using at the actual gym. They are safer and easier to start with for most people.

Jim Fort says:

Will these bands tone and build muscle? Or do you need weights to add some muscle mass?

JerryMungo says:

Is there any benefit from using a bar with resistance bands like the X30 bar or the Harambe Ststem?

Joshua Ross says:

First time using bands. Been using free weights and calisthenics for some time. Excited about the convenience and portability. I can take this to my sedentary data entry job and sneak in some maintanence!

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