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Watch Ben Jackson’s amazing 12-week transformation from an overweight 40+ year old man to a fit, healthy and shredded vitality model.

Three months ago Ben Jackson of Warrington undertook a challenge to get himself in shape. With the help of our Vitality range supplements and a personal trainer, Ben’s journey is truly inspiring.

Not only has it transformed Ben’s body, but also his mind, energy levels and outlook.

Watch the full video now and head to our site to see how we can support your fitness journey too.


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Ben Jackson’s Amazing 12-Week Transformation | Myprotein

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Myprotein says:

watch another amazing transformation fueled by Myprotein here 👉

Nabeel Hussain says:

Great transformation

James Mansoor says:

I hope somebody might be listening to me… I am 70 years of age 6 foot tall weighing 107 kg I have been told I don’t look fat because of my bone structure, how can my protein helps someone like me with no medical issues none whatsoever and I am not on medication‘s… That’s a challenge for my protein to take on… I would like to see myself muscular like the gentleman in this video, can that be done my protein? I am from Australia Sydney to be precise.

Peppe Pinz says:

I wanna see more videos like this

K S says:

Me at 44 now wishing I did this 25 years ago, when it would have been worth it.

MrVh78 says:

Plot twist: He's Hugh Jackman prepping for a role.

SAVAGE311 says:

Great job Ben.

Ammar Ammar says:

Can this physic maintain for wholelife

alex@surreyproclean says:

My protein. I'm 43. Father of 4 children. Lorry driver. Unfit over weight at 131kg. Low energy poor sleep. Always tired. This looks great. Fancy choosing me for your next example????

VirtualEthan _ says:

Ben Jackson to Ben jacked-son💪🙌

Lamar Boney says:

Plot twist : he was on a bulk

Konstantin Konstantinov says:

Looking really good after the transformation. Well done. Great definition. Maybe a little bit more of a muscle in the chest and neck but the progress is amazing anyways.

Ali Aliraqi says:

Fantastic transformation

Cavan Loney says:

Fancy testing this on a reasonably fit 16 year old to get even more ripped?😂

Nigel Coleman says:

Love the transformation but I also hate when people over exaggerate their shape in before pictures. Yes you might have been out of shape for your standards but you were nowhere near overweight. Maybe 18% body fat with a decent amount of muscle. But a good cut nonetheless

Chinonye Nnaji says:

He’s beautiful 😩😍

Dr Guy says:

Respect!! Well done mate.

Collier says:

Avoid soda and sweets and you'll lose weight

Chancer 996 says:

That’s is so impressive mate , I’m just sitting here planning my start , been planning since November , didn’t see the point right before Christmas I’d have failed .
You’ve definitely inspired me .

Ben Turner says:

That's incredible. I love seeing successful body transformations! Love it. Awesome work!

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