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These glute exercises with resistance loop bands are a great way to help strengthen your booty muscles. They focus on strengthening all three glutes: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Purchase the Fit Simplify Loop Bands here: https://amzn.to/2rnsJlW (affiliate Link)

Today I’ll be using Fit Simplify’s resistance loop bands. They come in a set of 5 with different resistance levels from extra light to extra heavy (which ranges from about 2 pounds of resistance to about 30 pounds of resistance). They are great for maintaining resistance consistency in your glute strengthening workout, or any workout. Learn more at: https://www.fitsimplify.com

The first glute exercise is bridging with a band. This does a great job of not only activating the gluteus maximus and medius, but also the hamstrings.

The second exercise is a supine hip flexion/extension with a band. This also works the glutes and hamstrings, as well as hip flexors.

The third exercise is a clamshell. This one really focuses on the gluteus medius, but it works them all.

The fourth exercise is on all fours, or quadruped. Some people call this the fire hydrant because of how it looks. This one does a great job of working your stabilizer muscles as well.

The last exercise is a side squat with a band. This is a great overall lower body exercises, and it works a lot of muscles in a lot of ways including the stabilizer muscles.

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5 Best Glute Strengthening Exercises with Resistance Loop Bands:

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AskDoctorJo says:

Purchase the resistance loop bands featured in the video here: https://amzn.to/2RFpQto (affiliate link)
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Mahesh patel says:

Hlo doctor my question is this is helpful to all glutes aa including glute medius ,minimus,maximus

xRedz OTG says:

I have question Dr.. My spine sounded like cracking when i does this. What is the meaning of that?

nany ash says:

Traducir al español

Kashika Kapoor says:

You give best explanation ! Just love it👍❤️

Melisa Laura Bustos Sánchez says:

I love your videos. You're super natural, and not showing off your body, just comfy clothes like most of us while watching you.

I have a question: do these exercises help to reduce the fat in this area? I tend to store alot of fat in my butt and hips, and it's a problem (even with my underwear lol)

Mpol says:

Does weak glutes cause sciatica?

Kevan Gosnell says:

I've watched B&B & ED with bands & as a guy who likes to do his best, I found this tutorial very clear & simple. I have a set just like them, but as I've been in recovery from an operation, I've been reluctant to over do it. Maybe I'm being too cautious though I will try these out. Thanks.

where there is will there is way says:

How to tie there look bands to a cot ?? For stretching my legs ?

Jhanice Nelson says:

Can I use these exercises just after having a hip replacement?

Neil Beech says:

I purchased the simplify bands myself

Night Owl says:

Your videos are refreshingly clear and direct and easy to follow. Thanks!

slbailey65 says:

Where did you get your pillow?

Ann Karstel says:

Where can i find the cushion like yours, i live in South Africa

Aisha Momtaz says:

While doing those exercises should i squeeze the glutes? Cos i can't squeeze and preform those movements at the same time

michael procopis says:

Hallo Dr. Joe. Will these exercises awaken my glutes. Thank you.

Jane Hinich says:

Love your video. Can you put a link for the pillow under your head. Need it for neck support. Thanks

Angel Light says:

Are they still selling the pillow you are using for your head?

Freedom says:

How many times per week should these exercises be repeated Dr.?

Shabir Rehman says:

Hi. Will you suggest walk for any gluetal muscles disorder?

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