40-MINUTE WALKING WORKOUT | Seniors, Beginners

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This 40-minute walking workout will strengthen your cardiovascular system, build muscle, and challenge your balance and coordination. This video includes a warm up, 30-minute walk, and cooldown — all in one! It equals about 4200 steps! Perfect for seniors and beginner exercisers!

The HIIT workout has 4 sets of 4 exercises. Each set is done in two rounds and each exercise is 40 seconds with 20 seconds of active walking “rest.”

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Hannah Jamal says:

just saw and did exercise with u and ur mom… i am 42 and had never exercised bfr in my life. i enjoyed it through the end alongwith the chit chat with ur mom. definitely doing it every day.
40 mints went past by in a jiff. God bless u and ur mom.
thanks alot.
Nadia from pakistan.

Christine Pease says:

just what I needed today thank you x x x

Ann Tews says:

Boy some of those moves really challenged my balance even the calf stretch too! Finished it and it was awesome!

ravensong says:

Great work out! I like how near the end when April said, "Give me another stretch" the cat then stretched out right on queue! 😸

Ellen Chace says:

Doing the 7 day challenge! 40" walk. I love watching Moochie demonstrate flexibility. I just ordered a Yes2Next sweatshirt. I'm all in on the challenge!!

Sonam Sidisow says:

Thanks mem for train me I like your exercise

John Freeman says:

let me add I require weights for the 60 to 70 minute workout and no mercy on me as this old football player never gave up even when a 300 lb guard hit my leg and my thigh pad explored from the impact and this line backer still made his assigned tackle and when the trainers ran out on the field and said your leg is broken I looked down at my leg and saw what happened and i reached into my pants and pulled out the pad and I simply said get me another damn pad and the guard was knocked out by the head impact. Yes, I was a terror but an intelligent logical player who could be animal but only for the assigned task and gentle all other times so Thanks my dear friend "Paula" I will remember you forever. Thanks, it is now freedom from the animal memories of abuse and onto the life of a servant of my God in this great world. Thank You April and Aiko I believe! No sorry, just love!!

John Freeman says:

April and Aiko, may I please ask this question of you? I have a need to walk 3 miles per day to catch Metro again to work in a Pizza Restaurant at this age. Work is good. So I was intimidated by the 40 minute workout but even with weights my body and muscle memory came back and no real football player ever gives up. So I now have positive muscle supported memories because of your Authoritative teachings. May I request a 60 to 70 minute workout full body with the focus on leg strength and indoor walking and outdoor practice I may be able to make it back. My memory of my dear mother in law is so positive and in the end she said "John there will come a time you will be unable to walk – just walk for me!" and Uncle Hershel showed me the protocol for communication. So to the coal miners I thank them for my teachings and all my high school teachers the same . May God Bless the USA and the World! Please consider my request. Help!

Elek Balla says:

Great workout

Elek Balla says:

A workout that works for me. Hard enough to work up a sweat but easy enough that I’m not gasping for breath at the end thank you

Angela Martin says:

I have really enjoyed this workout – thank you for all you do for us xx😘

John Freeman says:

Thanks. Today! I keep moving and I now can walk inside the room under the roof and I am grateful for all God has given to me. I like yes2nex and I am alive at this moment. So moment to moment, and yes Las Vegas and Nevada has gambling and goodness! the goodness is yes2next, in my OREO opinion – yes it is easy- peesy my new mantra. Thanks and Aiko is older than me and still moving. It is a beautiful and great day in my opinion. But who am I ? a Human Man that moves. Thanks again for another great workout!!!

Cris Cescon says:

I’m so happy I found you. You and your mom are just what I have been looking for. THANK YOU!

Kim Washburn says:

Enjoyed working out with tonight. Thank you!

Lois McDaniel says:

77 and you help me with diet

Ella Wojczak says:

Love you both. Thanks to You I exercise now for 2 hours every day. Thank You 😊

Simon Arsenault says:

U and ur mom are a great team and kitty too. Ur mom has a beautiful smile.👍❤️

Wilna Hulshof says:

This is the first set of exercises that I do dilligently everyday. I'm like a flea on a cat. Can't stop. My muscles are getting stronger. Even my knees. And they were about to cop out. Thanx. Luv it.

Sonia Torres says:

Thank you for this exercise. It is so inspiring seeing mother & daughter look so happy doing this. IStay safe you two😊

Cindy Gallagher says:

To know you are helping people all over the WORLD is WONDERFUL! THANK YOU!

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