10 min RESISTANCE BAND BOOTY At Home Workout

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This workout will tone, shape, and grow the booty at home or in the gym using just resistance/mini/loop bands! Glute activation is SO important when it comes to proper glute work.

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⭐️DO THIS WARM UP FIRST: http://bit.ly/2riv8T6
⭐️DO THIS COOL DOWN AFTER: http://bit.ly/2YO55PP

Toned Legs Round Booty Workout: http://bit.ly/2sv3H8S
20 min Leg/Butt/Thigh: http://bit.ly/2rRsCn7
20 min Dumbbell Leg Workout: http://bit.ly/2YSDa1k

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CAMERA: https://goo.gl/rVQzXd
42.5mm LENS: https://goo.gl/oLRc2u
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Trần Công Hoàng says:

You are very extremely beautiful with wonderful body exercises. Wishing you good health and a lot of success in your future job. Thank you indeed – Lecturer – TRAN CONG HOANG – HCM City Vocational Training College.

az ka says:

i can never take the side step squat seriously because of that one meme years ago

Neil Beech says:

those were good exercises

samantha santos says:


Gaby Scott says:

Just started first day

Nova says:

I saw results literally after 2 days 4 of this workouts

N A MS says:

may i know what band size are you using? for a beginner should i use M? tnanks!

D V says:

Great workout and I love your music playlist ❤

Natalie says:

Anyone know which of these you can and can’t do while pregnant?

Tammy Taylor says:

Will this booty band really work for uneven glute my right buttocks dead I just want a fat 🍑

Mar tin says:

I'm a guy and I'm doing these. Idgaf

J says:

I can’t be the only one who thought she was saying “line abductions” this whole time…

Jemma Ward says:

this is so fucking shit it literally needs a hate comment why is everyone praising it! popsugars Jake Dupree workouts are where it is at girls

Tiya Amin says:

Does this workout help grow the glutes?

Desiree says:

Which bands are you using? Mine keep scrunching up

jen hasell says:

How often do you do this ? I see some people say daily but I thought you needed to let muscles rest?

Isabelle Montminy says:

can you please tell me what band you are using? imn are a too long or narrow and them rolling, ouch!

Urk G says:

Day 1 just started today! I’m excited

kdjdjjds says:

wait if you have like a little belly will you still be able to do this workout, will it be effective

barbara garay says:

Great add on 🥰🤩

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