Road to Progress Part 2

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In 2011, unemployment and poverty in the country intensified. The government was in need of a drastic solution. Their answer? The ‘Build, Build, Build’ program — with the hopes of yielding robust growth, creating jobs, and improving the lives of Filipinos. Two years into the program, how does the Philippines stack up since its introduction?


Kweni Varga says:

PRRD is the best!!

Ameer Aaron Yecyecan says:

What? 2013?? Enlighten me please.

javar ruedas says:

This is what i want to hear. Proud to pay my taxes.

Erl Delsan says:


The Renegade says:

Please encourage people to register for the next Presidential election. It is going to be a critical election because it will affect the continuity of the projects under BUILD BUILD BUILD. Never again to dilawan and corruption.

Francis Carlo Del Campo says:

Imagine ninyo kung nanalo si Mar Roxas, Grace Poe, or Jejomar Binay? Saan na kaya pupulutin ang Pilipinas?

Cleto Dulnuan says:

Duterte and marcos 4ever

Glecy Bogtong says:

Long life for Mr.president❤

Danny Arangale says:

Seems there are mistakes on the dates mentioned. President Duterte only started mid 2016'

bertz007i says:

Dilawan left the group

DennisTV says:

Ms. Stella Luz seems like a smart woman.

DennisTV says:

The problem of the Philippines is wealth inequality. Where wealth is controlled by the few, e.g. the Ayalas, Lopezes, Sy, etc. Wealth distribution has to trickle all the way down to ordinary citizens. Taxation has to be overhauled as well.

Samoht Solacad says:

One way to help decongest heavily used roads (ED$A,etc) is by clearing the connecting streets (clearing the illegal vendors on wheels or non-wheels) to give other vehicles options to early split away from heavy traffic.

Dits2011 says:

AT the end of the day, pag Hindi natuloy ang mga project ni President DUTERTE, Ito any Dahil sa pag delay ng mga congressmen, senators at Lahat ng kailangan mag approve at ipasa ang budget! Kailangan kasi ng kurakot nila, sa local government naman, kailangan din ng kurakot sa mga permits at Lahat ng dapat suhulan, huwag) na tayong mag bolahan. Nakakahiya at Saar Talaga ang gov't sa pinas. God be with you Mr. President!

The Renegade says:

Basta walang korapsyon malayo ang mararating ng Pilipinas.

Mongato Megs says:

More cable cars… To ease traffic…

Mongato Megs says:

It only proves that the previous administration mga corrupt… More on black propaganda… More on talk not work…

carlo caballo says:

Dapat Sana may re election kaso Yung mga dilawan gusto Sila lang
Sayang kase minsan lang tayo magkaroon ng magaling na lider tas isang beses lang mamumuno Tama lang talaga ginawa ni Marcos dati da best talaga Sila dalawa

Jemar Cornelio says:

All pilipinos. .gawin nating prime minister ang ating pangulo

erga timpet says:

You ask panot sasabihin nya sya nagpagawa diba…or you can ask anyone of them same answer

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