Injury Spotlight: Bicep & Tricep Tendonitis

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If nagging bicep or tricep pain has left you with reduced range of motion and struggling to perform tasks like bicep curls or tricep dips, you may have Tendonitis. Join Airrosti’s Tom Danisiewicz, DC, as he explains the common causes and symptoms associated with Bicep and Tricep Tendonitis. He also covers traditional treatment methods and how Airrosti can help you find pain relief.
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someone you don't know💀 says:

How to solve bicep swelling??

RONEYii OP says:

I Only Get Pain In Tricep Tendonitis While Doing Pushups Only..Due To This I Am Not Getting Gains

Mad Ashell says:

fucking commercial…not helpful

Sped Boi says:

this what i get for doing chest 4x a week

Eduard Morales says:

Sir how many days to heal tricep tendonitis?

Joe mama says:

I’ve had this for a solid year… I just wanna be able to skateboard and lift again…. maybe one day it’ll finally heal….

Bellaismybestdoige says:

I think I have his after doing push ups day after

Rebel Gamer says:

I get burning and cramping in my outer upper arms, feels like it is deep in the bicep/tricep area. I was training boxing every night after doing a physical job all day and I started getting pains in that area when I was holding my arms up or repetitive movement like punching the pads, the impact would really cramp and burn around the tricep area. It's so bad It hurts holding my arm up to brush my teeth. I had to give up training and strenuous arm activity. No MRI or X-ray or ultrasound found anything. Using tools hurts, using weights, holding the phone to my ear and brushing my damn teeth! It is so frustrating!

Khairul Khatami says:

I'm getting tricep tendonitis by doing multi different push without warm up.

deron fn says:

when i throw i get pain in my tricep it hurts badly but after 30-60 minutes it’ll stop hurting and will start again when i throw

Fresh air says:

What about women using vacuum cleaners daily…..

tenzin chonden says:

I have this problem which you talk in this video 📹 So which exercise I have to do. Can you please share 🙏

CzimmS0520 says:

I injured my arm throwing a football all day recently. My tricep is constantly sore and my elbow snaps/clicks every time I extend it. Can someone tell me what this is?

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