The BEST Way To Fix Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder Impingement is one of the most common labels given for anyone with shoulder pain, and I’m here to tell you today it’s a horrible diagnosis. The term “impingement” is very vague and doesn’t tell you at all WHY the injury is occurring in the first place. Research shows there are technically two kinds of impingement: external (or subacromial) and internal. If you don’t know which one you’re dealing with and WHY the problem is occurring, your rehab exercise choice will never be as optimal as it could be.

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External impingement describes the pinching of the bursa (a small fluid filled “air bag”) or rotator cuff tendons against the ceiling created by the acromion bone. The subacromial space is the space between the acromion and the rotator cuff/soft tissue structures. Internal impingement occurs when the tendons of the rotator cuff are pinched between the “ball” of the humerus and the edge (usually the back side) of the socket “tee.” Because these classifications are based on where the impingement occurs, they often bring out pain in different parts of the shoulder.

External impingement for example often creates pain on the front side of your shoulder as you raise your arm overhead. Internal impingement creates pain on the backside of the shoulder as the arm is elevated and externally rotated.

To understand WHY your shoulder impingement is occurring we’ll need to uncover:
1) Mobility imbalances
2) Stability imbalances
3) Coordination imbalances

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Lotharou812 says:

Can you do me a favor and skip the underlying music in your future vids? Thx!

Guddu Tomar3512 says:

Hello Doc.
I have shoulder impingement for last 1.5 year . I don't have pain in normal activities or i can say under hand activities. But when i suddenly rotate my Hand(Humerus bone) inward it suddenly Pops into rotator cuff . I can't throw anything, can't sleep on shoulder, i have pain and rubbing sensation while rotating the hand.. kindly help me …
I am avoiding steroid injection Should i go for it and will steroid cure it?

Aravind Anil says:

6:16 bro thought of something funny and couldn't help himself lol

kuro says:

You're a godsend i hope you know that

Joshua Harris says:

I know this is 2 years ago but why isn’t this the first result when you put on YouTube. “Shoulder pain”

OMAR says:

Tried it didn’t fix shoulder pain

tubeyourself says:

I definitley have the one on top. The Iron Scap and Crossover Symmetry programs with the bands have fixed it in the past but my desk job makes it get bad again over time.

Rainier Jeffrey Flores says:

What’s brand of your bench? I like to have one.

LM says:

I can't wait to try these

JG Fit Singapore says:

Thank you for sharing, this is really useful for me and my athletes

Mario Kbron says:

Dr. Horschig is an Innovator, I'm 55 and I wish I'd known all these drills 20 years ago to avoid these shoulder issues today. Following the advice given on these informative videos, I can confirm that my problems had always been in the stability side and have seen a hell of a lot of improvement with the techniques given. Mad Respect Given, I simply adore This guy!!

peanutbutter says:

things you explain can not be done without a professional help

Dean Zochert says:

Great video but can’t stand the music going in the background while trying to listen. Very distracting.

Julio Guerra says:

Thank you I was diagnosed with shoulder arthritis can this help too

mad d says:

Can't wait to try these

mad d says:

Amazing with the T shape 1lb. The way the shoulder needs to be adjusted makes a huge difference

mad d says:

How can we secure the shoulder blade if we are testing this on our own?

darthinvictus666 says:

I just realized my left shoulder is wayyyyy weaker than I thought it was. No wonder it hurts. Thank you.

Juan Cruz Fabi says:

Personal reminder:
1) 5:10 First exercise
2) 6:06 Second exercise
3) 12:31 Third exercise

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