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Fitmotivation launched nearly 6 years ago with 7 videos. There are now 230 videos streaming. All videos include notes that can be edited/printed. Instructors across the globe send us messages telling us how much the site has improved their skills and their classes. Haven’t tried it yet? Sign up for the trial month. There is no commitment. Cancel anytime. And if you are looking for an app to exercise in the water – check out our sister site:


Shaakira Cassim says:

Hi ,how often do we need to do these lovely exercises to loose weight?if I'm a beginner then how long should each session be?thanks

Simon Pagel says:

Great resource and so much variety

Shannon Knupp says:

10000% changed my classes!!! I love the variety of content. So glad I subscribed, can’t imagine (and don’t want to) what my classes would be like with fit motivation!!!

Barb Vint says:

True story love you so much Mark

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