Aqua Aerobic: Best Cardio Exercises in the Water

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Try this fun cardio workout in the water! Burn a lot of calories with almost zero impact πŸ™‚ Non swimmers: you are also welcomed to try it, just be safe and stay at the water level below your check or even waist. This is a great workout that you can do every day! It helps loose extra weight, is fun and safe for almost anyone.

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Angel says:

Any advice on how I can watch the video outside in my pool without all the glare on my tablet screen? Thx! Love doing aquafit, love ❀️ your videos!

Holly Hatch says:

Nice workout

Szilvia Juhos says:

Looks great 😁 I will definitely try out, thank you for sharing πŸ’™

Leigh Skarzynski says:

What is your set up to follow along with these videos? My pool is a public pool so I can't really connect a speaker or video to follow? Any tips other than memorizing the workouts?

l del says:

Hi Marzana. Thank you for your clear descriptions and high energy! Do you have any aqua Zumba videos?

Fox E says:

I love the music

Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena says:

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Luisa Perez says:

thank you, I just foumd your video and I liked it. the lenght ofbthe video is perfect for me too

Elaine Grant says:

Just completed this in beautiful outdoor pool in Miami. Been following you regularly from my indoor pool in London, England so far but doing the exercises in the sun makes them even better.

Diana February says:

They don’t let us hang on the ropes at my pools. It stretched them out they say.

Marlene Oberman says:

You really gave me a great workout today thank you very much.

Here is Ayana says:

Is this a whole body workout?

Devila Sahu says:

Full of fun &dynamic workout. Fun filled way to keep healthy. I enjoy yr workout even at age of 78

Lisa Packard says:

Marzena is amazing! I love the back exercises! I hated exercising until I started doing water aerobics! Now I look forward to Marzena's new videos. You are a life saver! Thank you!

Nancy Denz says:

Thank you Marzena! This is a great workout and fun. Your descriptions of how to do the moves correctly are so helpful. Love your upbeat encouragement too.

Janet Levy says:

Fantastic! Thank you so much!

Michelle Stokes says:

How long do you do each exercise?

[Attack_on_Titan] says:

That loud music is annoying! It would be okay if it weren’t so loud.

Racquel LeVias says:

This is sooo helpful!!!

Alejandra Carmi says:

Very dinamic, gracias

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