Over 50? 5 of the Best Exercises You Can Possibly Do

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Over 50? 5 of the Best Exercises You Can Possibly Do

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Bob and Brad demonstrate the best exercises to do if you are 50 and older.

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Video Chapters:
0:01 Intro
0:20 Topic
0:35 Giveaway
1:25 Strength
2:25 Squats
4:00 Squats With Weights
4:18 Squats With Bands
4:50 Band Pull Aparts
5:45 Split Squats
7:10 Pushups
8:52 Side Planks
10:38 Outro

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Maureen McKay says:

Love you guys talk to much

Maureen McKay says:

Talk to much


This is me after 50

Karlene says:

Hello Bob & Brad, New sub. Appreciate your explanation in this & another of your videos to do about 1 – 1/2 hour before bed, which I did along with you. First time doing side plank like this; nice extra workout for the arms.

Carpenter Family says:

I am the ‘ Speed Limit ‘ 🙂

Bob & Brad says:

"Some of our astute followers have noticed me slurring my words. I am not drunk but working with Brad it would be justifiable. I had 6 infected cysts removed from my mouth (noncancerous) and I have residual scar tissue and numbness. I will try to do better. Thanks Bob."

I Smell Bacon says:

Thank God for Bob & Brad. You have helped me work through several issues: vertigo, hip, knee & shoulder pain. Without insurance, I can't afford physical therapy. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Sheri Matsumoto says:

How does this Pete’s choice pillow help with balance??? I have pretty severe vertigo.

Sheri Matsumoto says:

I just ordered a set of bands!

rfkyt says:

Do you like Hindu squats and Hindu pushups?

Trish Bech says:

I don’t have a whole lot of upper body strength despite basic weight bearing exercises twice a week. I find it easier to perform the push-ups against the island in the kitchen or against a wall or railing. Thanks for the valuable tip on squats. I will be checking my posture when performing them.

Very Interesting says:

“Genetic mutant advanced people” 😂

Sheena Stevens says:

Love it things to look forward to!

Chrissie Hopkins says:

I find it too difficult to get onto the ground with arthritis, can you give us a total standing workout? Thanks, guys xxx

Conner Poul says:

Brad and bob I’m 67 ladygot full spinal degeneration from neck to toe two shoulder problem two knee problem foot pain more the right limp when walk orthopaedic said I got a back of 90 years old my issues start when I was forty I do not know why no surgery yet only 3 my right shoulder and still the same got tear on left shoulder I find hard to do physio as all body ache any suggestion saw ortho neuro rheumatology mine are osteoarthritis carry some weight only walking I can, go on floor I can’t get up if I no hold from a chair or couch did you two had some one with similar issues what you suggestion

Carla P. says:

Help! I've made it to the floor, but can't get back up without holding onto something to either pull myself up or push off from. What exercises should I be working on?

Ed Z says:

I barely even remember 50.

Kaye Szymanski says:

Ok so I need to do modified side planks. Can someone please tell me how? The video was unclear. Thanks!

Philip Marmaros says:

I wish they would explain the rational for these exercises. Why are they important?

Inderjit Singh says:

25-year-old watching here

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