Core Floor Exercises | Seniors, Beginners

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This floor exercise video will strengthen your core, working your glutes, hamstrings, abdominals, and back and hip muscles. Perfect for seniors and beginners.

Every motion you do involves your core – walking, reaching, bending down to pick something up, getting up from a chair (or toilet!). Having a strong core protects your spine from injury and promotes good posture, which not only makes you look good, but more importantly enables your joints to function properly.

The six exercises in this video are:
✅ Pelvic tilts
✅ Slow marches
✅ Glute Bridges
✅ Leg Lifts
✅ Heel slides
✅ Butterfly

Need guidance on how to get to the floor? Check out our video on this:

If you can’t get on the floor, no problem. Try our standing and chair workouts:

👉 Standing Walking Workouts:
👉 Chair Workouts:

Want more core workouts? Try our Core Playlist that includes exercises that engage this important part of the body!

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Candelia Mercado says:

Love these floor exercises. Thank you 😊 💓 ☺

karen Miller says:

Like the floor action

Sooz Weissberg says:

That was nice for me today. My knee was bothering me, so it was good to work easy on the floor Thanks. "Wake up, Mom!" 🙂

Dilshad Degum says:

This very helpful exercise thanks 🙏

Linda Viajar says:

Your videos are really of great help ! specially to us seniors . About this particular one for core while lying down , I want to ask you if it's ok to do this in bed ? A sturdy , flat bed . Keep up your inspiring work outs . Stay well .

barbara cronin says:

New “Do” on Eiko! 💕 it.

Simone Cortes says:

Wow, that was challenging! But I enjoyed doing it. Thank you one more time!

chris ashford says:

I love your videos, I have recently retired from a very active job in Childcare and needed to keep fit in my 60’s now, with lots of degenerative changes occurring in my body these exercises are great. I was slowly able to increase my strength and ability levels at my rate and your Mum gives me so much inspiration and I love your cat, thanks ladies, I really enjoy my workouts with you

Atram btf says:


Nicky Rosenbluth says:

Love this do you have another core Flores workout you are planning?

Dorothy Couse says:

Great exercises…thanks

Full Moon says:

I love 💘 this video and it has helped me so much!

L A says:

I don’t think my mom can sit on the floor, I wonder if she’ll be able too. I know she has arthritis so it’s difficult.

Full Moon says:

I'm enjoying this video 📹

Full Moon says:

Please have more floor exercises videos. I love 💘 this video. It's wonderful. I'll use it daily.

Barbara Karasinski says:

Great core exercises haven't done them for a while but so glad I am doing them now.

seoh leng tay says:

Hi , for the pelvic tilt exercise when and which stage do I engage my core ?l

Elizabeth Bogard says:

Great core (& leg) stretches that don’t hurt my back. Thank you!

Melinda3047 says:

I enjoy all your workouts – this one is a special gem – and love the interaction between the two of you. (I’m 69 and a two time cancer survivor!).

Ann Carr says:

Hi, I wanted to let know that I am still trying to do your exercises. I had a fall in the grocery store, slipped & had the cart with groceries fall ion me thus recovering from a broken pelvis- getting better. It takes time. Thank you for the upper body stretches & low impact exercise! 💕💕👍Ann/Oregon

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