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There’s no doubt that improving your balance increases your overall movement function. Balance is one of the most important skills that we can train for. Let’s try 5 excercises that will challenge your balance. For extra support, be sure to use a sturdy chair or a countertop.

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zoran popovic says:

Of your many movements, I don't know what belongs to the exercise and what doesn't.

Noeli G says:

Excellent. Thank you.

RAMESH G Chokshi says:

My both knees are replaced It is difficult to raise both knees one after another to balance. Can you modify. Please Fhankz

Sharlene Hancock says:

So much help, Thanks 😊

Bridget Grimes says:

All this did was make me a little light-headed due to meds dizziness happens don't need that

andrew tungsk says:

TQ 15/2/2022singapore

Jim Williams says:

These are perfect for me and my bad knees. Thank you very much ! I'm 78 yo

Carolina Salgado says:

Great exercises for legs

Harriet Montee says:

How can I keep the video so I can do it every day? It disappears down in my emails. So I have to search for the videos.

B Rhoads says:

Hi Sharlyn…hope I can find more of your videos.

JoAnna Barnett says:

It would be nice if you showed a senior (older person) doing these exercises. Even simply standing on one foot is not easy for beginners. I also wonder how many weeks it would take to show any improvement in balance–a month? a year?

Frances Oha says:

I am sorry for you all who have balance problems,for I have a nasty unbalance.

Frugal Willie Mae says:

These are great exercises for me as I have crazy balance issues.

Lili Vasquez says:

Thank you 🙏 for share love this exercise Thank you 😊 ❤️❤️

mary lou jennings says:

I'm happy to have found these exercises.

Indiana Garden Bird Sanctuary says:

Should I wear shoes during this exercise?

Toni Jurkones says:

Hello 👍👋

Наталья Ясень says:


Mary Werner says:

I like the slow movements as I have a severe balance problem. Can't do anything very quickly. Also you have the same couch and pillows as we do.

Patti Dull says:

Upset my stomach when doing the eye things. Must be something like motion sickness 😜

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