4 Best Exercises For Women Over 50

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What is the best workout for women over 50?

This workout we’ve prepared for you today is perfect for older women, for women over 50 years old, to help you regain muscle strength, improve metabolism, and aid in reducing weight gain due to old age.

This workout will help you start to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your health to the fullest. It will also put you in a happy mood!

Good luck and we highly encourage you to get started with exercising everyday!❤️💪

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Janna Babinuk says:

Вправи супер! Помагають похудати!

Iris Howes says:

I have a bigger tummy lol

Iris Howes says:

Am going to start this tomorrow,

Elma Torno says:

It would be my routine starting today
Thank you so much.

Elma Torno says:

Thank you mam for this wonderful exercise..


Ohhh that’s what I really needed watching from japan 🇯🇵

centy boy tzs says:

Mapenz ekixix

Karen Johnson says:

Does rice make your belly fat?

Marites Dacut says:

Well I try this for my morning routine

lynn backhaus says:

I can't do the arm circles or the jacks. Is there an. E xcersize program made for over 65 women? With arthritis? I really want to do these! But my shoulders hurt and my back. Please help!

ZM Mtshali says:

Thanks so so much this video

Syntania says:

I've just started doing this workout every day to try to lose some weight. Day 4 and I'm sleeping better and craving healthy foods instead of junk already!

Preeti singh says:

Issey koi weight loose nhi hota

Tina Green says:

I'm at work and I can do this every chance I get in my office with some spare time
Thank You

Calm Mind says:

I am 57 and workout few times a week. I think this workout is too fast for senior. Not recommended.

Kimila Garrett says:

You are very good

Carla Toppins says:

Cool, is the 1st couple of this workout the warm-up, or should I have done that b/4 I start this.

waveney says:

Awesome workout.,.. Thanks Roberta's Gym

Joining Self-Care says:

Not 50+ I just feel 50+ right now so imma try this.

Siya creations says:

Nice work out Roberta thanks 👍

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