2 day old ACL TEAR Evaluation

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In this video, I perform an evaluation on a patient with a 2 Day old ACL Tear. Feel free to like and SUBSCRIBE to our channel and head over to our website http://orthoevalpal.com/ and see what more we have to offer. Enjoy!!

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Jean S says:

Not a good camera angle

Alex Rose says:

Hello Doctor
I recently dislocated my left knee cap, and the kneecap slid down to the left of my leg/knee joint. And it has been about a week and it still hurts to flex my leg all the way. And sometimes when I am walking I will feel my legs gave out on me. My kneecap its self hurts a little bit when I move side to side and I have pain on the side of my knee.

Nicky Griffin says:

Hi about 2 weeks ago I jumped and landed very awkwardly and when landing I felt an instant pop/snap I couldn’t hear anything cuz was very loud where I was.. instant swelling which was very bad.. still very swollen now after icing it every day.. can’t bend knee much nor straighten it out fully.. cannot tense my quad muscles and when I’ve tried to walk on it I’ve a limp as my leg won’t go straight fully so I’m walking with it slightly bent.. does this sound like an acl tear ??

Ward Shehada says:

Do acl injury’s always make the knee swell ?

tb1109 says:

Poor girl hoping she gets better

Corina G says:

I’ve been walking on a ruptured ACL for 2 months. Didn’t know. Everyone kept telling me I was fine and to walk it off. I hurt it lifting weights with bad form. Surgery next month finally.

David says:

She has knock-knees

Mattforster says:

Why is the Valgus stress test done in both 0 and 30 degrees?

Andrea Davis says:

How bad is it if its been almost 2 weeks since i had an injury similar to hers and all I did is rest and ice, and walk on crutches?

Aruna Green says:

Wow amazing! Im rehabbing from surgery for acl tear I'm 52 but to this young lady utmost respect for doing the video – she is cool as a cucumber she will be fine!


My knee feels like caving in when I stand on it straight and I get pain when it goes bAck could this be the sign of a weak acl?

Fast Twitch Fibres says:

Watching this video 1 month after blowing out my ACL. Ive had an MRI scan and the feedback was my ACL has snapped. Surgery for me.

Jade Sheppard says:

Great Video. I Injured my Knee playing football 2 weeks ago. I've been booked in for an MRI. My knee is so swollen, The swelling has made my kneecap sit to left. Excruciating pain all over. Orthopaedic Surgeon Couldn't perform any Tests on my knee due to the pain. Unable to weight bear. Literally cannot walk. Foot has swollen up since the leg is being treated as a dead leg. Bruising has come out black and yellow behind the knee and my calf and shins yellow bruising. I'm wandering if everyone is just different? My injury was a valgus stress from a slide tackle. Am I kidding myself if I feel it will go away on its own? Medical tests taking so long that not knowing how to deal with it at home is killing me

david Nicholson says:

Hi doctor when would muscle testing be indicated?

jaswingnut says:

Watching this and after injuring my knee yesterday playing ⚽️ too, I can't get my leg near straight. I can maybe get from about 25 degrees to 60, nowhere near 0 or 90. The hospital didn't recommend an mri but I am finding walking very difficult. Have swelling on the inside and outside of knee and pain on all sides of it and down into my calf.

Chit with a C says:

I walked on my torn ACL for a month because we thought it was just a sprain. Then we went to the doctor when it wouldn't stop giving out.

Maverick 2.0 says:

It's been a month I had knee injury no swelling difficultly to bend the knee for 2 weeks now I wan walk and jump I went to to the doctor he said it might be a acl partial tear . Now I have no pain but I'm afraid to run ! What do you think it might be acl tear?

Rajeshwari Singh says:

Hello Sir
I met with an accident 1.5 yr back
ACL torn to third grade and grade 2 signal tear of lateral meniscus but then Covid scenario happened so surgery got delayed. So i started exercising at home and now i can walk completely but not run, jump or do normal activities which needs pressure on the knee. I know a surgery is required but i got a fear about this.
I got few questions
Can the condition like pre injury the normal one be achieved after the surgery? Can it be as normal as it was?
Are there any chances of breaking ACL again?
How much time does it takes to heal completely and go back to the normal condition?
And can the bio degradable screws be used? So that there's no need of having another Operation to remove those screws. Kindly answer these. That would be a great help.

no further west says:

I injured my knee- wondering if losing weight will help reduce risk in future. I’m male, 5’10” weight 180lbs which isn’t too overweight, but if I get down to say 160, that is 20 lbs less weight. Would that reduce pressure on knees and therefor reduce risk of injury?

S Gamingz says:

I remember when I had a nasty bike crash. Tore most of my meniscus (surgeon said it was hanging in by a thread) and tore straight through my ACL. Pain wasn’t that bad to me and after getting an x ray at the hospital they said I was fine. (I didn’t know I hurt anything at the time) I couldn’t bear weight on my affected leg for a whole week without it completely buckling. After I was able to walk again I went about my life for 6 months before going to a physio because I found I still couldn’t run without my leg buckling. Physio did a single test on my knee joint and got one of his colleagues to come in and get a second opinion and told me I needed to get surgery. Physio said it’s the worst knee he’s seen for a person my age. Got surgery later that month and had to be on crutches for a month and a half and wasn’t allowed to run for another 6 months. Recovery sucked more than the injury itself

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