Yoga For Back Pain & Sciatica Relief | Heal, Strengthen, & Live A Pain Free Life

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This 30 minute gentle yoga class will help fix back pain, relieve sciatic nerve discomfort, and release a sore or tight lower body. Then secondarily through a series of yoga asanas and exercises, the idea of this yoga class is not just to cure the pain but also build strength, mobility, and flexibility to help support and maintain a pain free life.

This Boho Beautiful yoga for back pain relief consists of postures and movements that are part of Mark Spicoluk’s personal recovery practice that he used to heal his sciatica pain and disk herniation.

Remember, if you are healing and recovering from an injury please listen to your body and skip or modify any exercises or postures that do not feel right for you. And MAKE SURE to ask for guidance from your therapist or doctor before beginning any new exercise while healing an injury.

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Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. By using our videos, you understand and agree that neither Boho Beautiful Ltd. nor any persons associated with it have any liability to you for any injury or loss you may suffer in connection with any content we may post.


leonardo arias says:

Im so relaxed

Val R.R. says:

This was too good!! Thank you

Miroslava Miroslava says:

so beautiful,divine 30 minutes of yoga… I love your voice, I feel so relaxed after like never!!! thank you, thank you..🙏😊🥰

Sandra Sunny says:

just to let you guys know you are my absolute live safers theses days – wouldn’t know how to get through chemo without your videos

Yogawithli says:

That was so relaxing. Thanks Mark!

Yanexi Peña says:

Thanks for this gift 🙏 Very relaxing needed practice 😊

Getter Jaanus says:

I love your work so muhc,im so glad you came to the forefront. Your woman is powerful and i follow her mainly but sometimes i dont feel for the power ,that when you come in and i just surrender to your teachings and dont missout on my healing. So so sooo good.

I think ove got a really short attention span and i tend to look when the video is finished even if im enjoying myself and i didnt do it once on this one which is also a longer one for me. I really appreciated the freedom in that !!!

God know hos you tp got to be so darn good at what you channel,but we are so so grateful.

Much love to the family 💕💕💕

Oisin Joyce says:

Can’t thanks you guys enough 🙏

Cynthia Kruse says:

That was literally THE best yoga routine I've ever done for my back. Thank you!

Marta Frascarelli says:

I love doing yoga with you and your beautiful wife. Congratulations on baby. Thanks 🙏 for sharing and helping us with back pain and learning this magnificent culture 🙏🙏 Namaste

Poonam Rai says:

Just love it
Thank you!

Aspired Vegan Raw Sea Moss Gel says:

My lower back has finally gotten relief I needed so much! I am very grateful for you. Thanking myself for seeking🧘🏽‍♀️✨💜 blessing to you both🌺

Emily T says:

I'm currently working through a back injury, my second in the past three years unfortunately. The first month post-injury I was too cautious to be doing anything, but as of the past four days I've reintroduced gentle yoga, twice a day, and it is helping so much. Yoga in general and specifically Mark's videos have brought so much to my life, both physically and mentally. Time on my mat followed by a cup of tea is the first place I turn now when I need some serenity. Claiming these healthy coping mechanisms feels so empowering, especially in this new era of reduced autonomy. Your love and light is appreciated now more than ever!

Kristen Bellomy says:

Thank you so much. Will you be making more yin practices?

Anna Olah says:

Thank you sooo much for this beautiful relaxing class ♥️♥️♥️ This is the only way, I can heal my body. Keep up the beautiful job you do 🥰😍

Deb Rawdon says:

This is the first time that I have worked with Mark and I came to him because of sciatic nerve pain. It was a lovely practice and I feel better after doing the class. I am now off to do meditation with Juliana as I am doing the 14-day meditation classes. Today is Day 14 and I plan on going back to Day 1 tomorrow. I am 64 years old and truly find that Boho Beautiful is the best place for me, even at my age, to go for yoga and meditation classes. Thank you for helping me!

Wiola Didukh says:

Dziękuję 🙏❤️

Monica Jacome says:

Amazing practice

Joanna Shelmidine says:

Great class! Thank you 🙏

Ingrida Murauskiene says:

Thank you very much Mark🤗Namaste🙏

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