Top 3 Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises

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Shoulder pain can be caused by weak and tight muscles, especially when we have bad posture. These shoulder pain relief exercises should help relieve pain in the shoulders, neck, chest, and the upper back area. Buy a worksheet with these shoulder exercises at

Shoulder or scapular squeezes are a great way to help get the upper back muscles strengthened and balanced. Often with bad posture, these muscles are weak.

Using a resistive band is also a great way to help strengthen the shoulder muscles and the rotator cuff. Shoulder external rotation (ER) and seated rows can be done with or without a band.

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Top 3 Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises:

00:00 – Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises

00:41 – Shoulder Squeeze/Scapular Squeeze
01:57 – Shoulder External Rotation with Band
03:37 – Seated Rows

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Buy a worksheet with these shoulder exercises at
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Sufi Nisar says:

I have shoulder pain but my cervaaical Spain is enjered.can I do this exercis ?

deepak nainwal says:

I hope u will never get any problems dr jo I like u practice and the alignment how u teach woooow

xModzGalore says:

Hi I recently was in bad car accident and ended up back at work tearing my knee and shoulder etc I wanted to know with having so many things bothering me and doctors not getting anywhere what would You recommend I do to get these injuries healed thank you

samsolo321 0 says:

what if my shoulder pain is coming from my upper back shoulder complex area pulling on my shoulder

Sufi Nisar says:

Love u Dr Jo and bundle of thanks Ur pain releaving suggestions.

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How I will know that I have APT? Or not

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Dr. Jo I admire your videos, they're all so helpful. But isn't there anything for those suffering from Suprascapular Neuropathy? I can't find many resources that can help my condition 🙁

suresh videos says:

Hai madam …. L4 L5 disc problem madam please request pain relief exercise telme madam request 😥😥😥😥😥

Hira Khan says:

I have pain between arms and shoulder joint in my left shoulder and because of that the pain radiates to my left hand😖
Can I do this exercise if not could you please suggest me something?Thanks!

Crazy Eyes says:

No strength on hands fingers to shoulder and back neck hurts alot . please tell me what to do so i can do hand stand and get the poweful full arms ( tell me for woman because i'm woman )

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Queen Khaleesi with that crown made me burst out laughing hahaha. so cute

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Love the queen. Thanks for the great video

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What's the name of the test that predicts how stressed/pain your body is …average being 15 – 25 and it's done through blood work?

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Well done ..keep it up .keep well.such a well mannered dog. 👌

Alpha Phoenix says:

Jo I've bump on my shoulder for long time and it's not that painful it just is there can I do my shoulder exercise with weights?

Arihant Jain says:

Love ur video 😍

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