Relieve Shoulder Pain & Soreness from Trigger Points & Muscle Knots

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The shoulder area is a common place to get trigger points, aka muscle knots. Trigger points are basically when a specific area on a muscle gets irritated and tightens up into a ball or knot. Buy a worksheet with these shoulder stretches & exercises at

These stretches and exercises may help relieve shoulder pain and soreness from muscle knots and trigger points.

Starting off with shoulder circles and shoulder (or scapular) squeezes will help get the muscles moving and warmed up.

Next, stretches like the upper trap and levator scapulae stretch will help relax and loosen up the muscles to help release the knots.

Finally, if the stretches are too difficult or maybe you are on precautions to not do those movements, a ball can be used to put pressure on the trigger points directly. A little pressure goes a long way, but too much could irritate it more.

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Relieve Shoulder Pain & Soreness from Trigger Points & Muscle Knots:

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Buy a worksheet with these Muscle Knot Relief Exercises at

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Francisco Martinez says:

omg i did these as i was watching the video and my shoulders feel so relaxed thank you for sharing such valuable information

Mel345 says:

I just did this and I want to say thank you!!!! My shoulder is feeling much better! Now I can go back to sleep lol

heymrnickerbocker says:

Thanks Doc!!! My shoulder had been tight for 3 days… these totally worked fast.

Jackie & Marls-Barls says:

Hi Dr Jo, do you by chance have a virtual practice for 1:1 treatment and goal plan?

Reign Honoré says:

YES! I needed some non yogic stretches! Thank you so much!

C † Cross says:

These actually helped me more than any other video I wanted Thanks Jo😇

rumblefishes says:

Thank you! Great videos, v helpful.

Edwin Carreras says:

I love all your stretches and what you doing I learn so much from you especially the deodorant for the armpit it's nothing worse than bad hygiene in a stretch 😄🤭👃💨🥴😵😂😂
Thanks for your teaching it's helping me a lot

Mufi Emaad says:

Can u say me some exercises to relief my pain
And I also have pain in scapula dr

Mufi Emaad says:

Mam can u say that I have shoulder pain daily by taking heavy load of books daily

D o o r u says:

Doc you saved me cause i came from a fight yesterday so thank you😭❤

IamEdwin says:

This help a lot.

Apukivi Thulung says:

Why does it pain when i try to put my shoulder on the back

Jean says:

Hi Dr. Jo, love your videos, they are so helpful, thanks!
I’ve used your vertigo videos and tendinitis in the hip videos too. They’ve helped so much. Been having sore/pain in my shoulder lately and just watched this video, going to try these exercises now.
Quick question, do you use or believe that trigger point (pain management) injections of lidocaine are helpful? Thanks!

Mark Lumsley says:

This video really helped me, my right shoulder thanks you! 😀

Mr. Hoppelelefant says:

Thanks.. it heldped me breathing painfree again 👍

J WALKER says:

Feels great! thank you dr jo!!

Annu Nakian says:

Never seen that last stretch b4 thx Doctor Jo!!

gonerman says:

Thank you so much. I really get a lot of use from your videos

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