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Core elements of the 2018 #EULAR recommendations for the management of hand osteoarthritis include patient information, hand exercises and information on joint health and education. However, these recommendations do not provide information about the specific type of exercises and the specific content of patient education. Ac group of #health professionals, patient representatives, rheumatologists and researchers collaborated to produce a series of short videos for both patients and health care professionals with practical information about hand osteoarthritis. The videos cover different topics such as basic information about hand osteoarthritis, the patient’s story, instruction for exercises demonstrating of aids to be used in and around the house, and splinting. The project was funded by EULAR and Keele University’s Impact Accelerator Unit.

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This is really helpful.

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Isabel Saad says:

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louisha999 says:

Good exercises. Why does the patient seem so meak though?!

Magical Patterns says:

My doc said not to move my wrist

Vijaya Chandra Reddy Avula says:

nice exercises , thank you eular

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