EASY Thumb Exercises for Arthritis

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Michelle, Hand Expert from Virtual Hand Care, demonstrates 4 easy and effective thumb exercises for arthritis. If you are experiencing thumb arthritis pain or thumb tendonitis pain these can help!

Some of the exercises shown here can be credited to the extensive research of Virginia O’Brien, OT CHT.

00:00 EASY Thumb Exercises for Arthritis
00:57 Exercise 1.How to strengthen the thumb thenar muscles
01:31 Exercise 2.How to strengthen first dorsal interossei muscle to support the thumb
01:57 Exercise 3.Strengthening both thumb and first dorsal interossei muscles
02:41 Exercise 4.Stretching the thumb web space for thumb pain relief.

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This video is for educational and demonstration purposes only and is not to be used as a replacement for seeking medical advice or treatment of your condition. Virtual Hand Care, or its members, do not offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any exercise program. Please know that performing any exercise or program is solely at your own risk.


LarryBStreetfish says:

Thank you Michelle…As a LMT for 30 years, these are going to be part of my daily routine!

Jay Norris says:

Just getting over gout. Never knew it would happen in the hands but it certainly set up in my right hand. Talk about misserable.

Christine Yap says:

Keep talking pls straight to the point dun waste time

Nona Mansour says:

My thumb has a problem in the same way . also

Nona Mansour says:

I have a problem in my hand after the fingers can not be bent I can't hold anything in my hand, the fingers don't straighten out and don't contract Are there different exercises? Thank you very much, Doctor

Ken Smith says:

What are your credentials??? Are you a physical therapist? OT? Etc.

Jay says:

My thumb has been feeling a tight lately when I bend it and now it’s swollen. I’m worried

bashrat ali says:

Thanks for helping.

Karen.E. Warfield says:

Thanks for this. Looking for pain relief from Basal Thumb Arthritis. REALLY trying to avoid surgery!

Ilona D'Arcy says:

Have you posted anything about the index finger pain by any chance?

cath b says:

Hi there, had thumb surgery Trapezioctomy with rope a few weeks ago. My other hand is experiencing similar pain, RSI most likely cause. I so hope doing these exercises will help the pain, strengthen the area so surgery not required on it at some stage. The pain from current surgery, pretty bad, so hope can strengthen other hand.

Jasmine Shoshanna says:

Thank you!!!!

Jefferson Stroud says:

It’s very important to say a very big thank you to Dr ONO on YOUTUBE for using his natural herbal Medications to cure my Arthritis permanently

coti says:

Wow! Thanks

Brandon McCain says:

bch cut my thumb off at this point can’t take it won’t anymore hurts to fkn type this thing

Ann Gough says:

Thank you so much I've been struggling for many years I've only just got my doctors to get a little bit of help I had injection a steroid injection on my right hand but the pain can be excruciating I'm working so it's very essential that I use my hands thank you again

Jacov says:

I'm Obviously can’t give you my thumbs up….But I like the tips

Frankg3rd says:

Thank you ! The pinching of the muscle between the thumb and pointer finger really helps. Studying classical guitar really works the right thumb very hard. The relief I feel is so welcomed….thank you so much !

Sylvia Glenn says:

Thanks for this. I do get RA pain in that joint but also more severely in the very first joint at the top of the thumb and that joint is frozen. Do you have any therapies for that joint? Thanks

Albertal Horne says:

So glad I found this! I’m a finger style guitarist/pianist, & some days my right thumb hurts at the base. These exercises should help my thumb muscles strengthen & relax. I play many hours each day, so it’s important to me to get this under better control. Thanks again!

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