BEST Shoulder Stretches Ever; BOOYAH Strong!

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: BEST Shoulder Stretches Ever; BOOYAH Strong!

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Paul Johnson says:

I got an 8 foot pine basement type railing at Menards and cut it off the same length as my height. My arms stretch all the way out without extending past. I Love the FLAT SIDE along my back. Oak is way too heavy. I love the feel of the wood without varnish. It can be cut to any length. I cut to a maximum length because it can always be shortened.

EnviroFootPrint says:

Over Shoulder: 1:30

Behind Back: 2:30

Statue of Liberty: 3:40

Row the Boat: 4:45

The Squatter: 5:15

Chicken Wing: 5:45

Hip Flexor Shoulder Stretch: 7:00

B Smith says:

Bob, you could be Gumby's cousin

Linda McNary says:

I watch your videos. I’ve got to tell you your info has helped me a lot. I’ve been in tears with pain from my back to shoulders, legs and feet. I’ve done the exercises and it has helped. Thank you.

storyteller0111 says:

You guys are great! They could introduce you to marvel movies and comic books. You could help the avengers recover after battles and also provide some comedy moments 🙂

Insolita Siempre says:

I do some of these before and after working out, they are really good

Bob & Brad says:

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If you purchase a SleepOvation Mattress with the code "FAMOUSPT" you will receive $400 off. (If you WIN the Giveaway, SleepOvation WILL reimburse you)

Explorethis says:

Okay bye, booyah.

GeorgiaPeach 1970 says:

I've watched your videos concerning rotator cuff & frozen shoulder.
I finally was seen by an orthopaedic p.a..
Xray shows bone on bone shoulder & collar bone,arthritis & mild rotator cuff tear & beginnings of frozen shoulder.
Steroid shot & 10 day hydrocodone. Stretch & strengthening exercises .
It hurts very bad. Is this the normal until I'm able to stretch & strengthen these muscles? I'm 60 & in good health & relatively good physical condition.

Denise Sexton says:

Thanks so much !!

mohannad al madanie says:

I liked those exercises👌
Thanks a lot

P S says:

Your videos are very helpful. I have a rotator cuff injury. Hanging seems to be helping. I still can't raise my arm out to the side, either elbow bent or palm down. I don't see any exercises that involve this movement. Will just the forward and backward exercises eventually ease the pain in these movements?

Shjdbrhdif Sbjdkchdhd says:

thx sir… it's really nice and effective even easy exercise

Smile Smile says:

4:00 that was quite a roast 😂

Move Forward says:

You guys have helped my tremendously.

Clara Raimundi says:

Go live go live!!!!!! Please!!!😊

Bantiarna Mac Rághnaill says:

Sit on a bench with legs open and an exercise ball on the floor between the feet. Place hands on the ball and roll out as far as you can. Using the right hand, roll the ball to the left (swing out and around the outside of the leg) as far as possible, keeping right in place on the ball. Use the left hand to determine the intensity of the stretch. Alternate.
This is a great shoulder/lat/lumbar stretch. Add more benefits by pulling in the abs and lifting the glutes a couple of inches off the bench

Mary Elizabeth says:

I noticed in the description for the Booyah stick the caps are made of latex. Can the sticks be ordered with non latex caps?

Anita Roempke says:

so thankful for your great videos!!! and you guys are so nice!!!!!!

Prior_floridaman says:

Here recently I've been having a clicking in my shoulder I watched your video on the different types of shoulder injuries you can test for but I didn't find any pain during the exercises in the video, the popping happens when I lift my arm up over my head, i often do calisthenics, I was wondering if you could give some advice.

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