Beginner Yoga for Hips & Lower Back – Yoga for Sciatica Pain

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Relieve low back pain and sciatica pain with this 25 min beginner yoga class.
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This week I invite you to do a 25 minute beginner Hatha Yoga class that will focus on relieving tension and pain from the lower back and hips. If you have sciatica pain, this could be a wonderful way to relieve the area and bring some mobility back into your hips. Many of us suffer from tightness and sometimes even pain in the area from sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Rediscover your range of motion with this beginner yoga class.

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Yoga with Kassandra says:

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LHS Chu says:

I'm not sure if I have sciatica. I found the pain and numbness starting from sacrum area along towards the hamstring and no matter I sit, stand or sleep I'm feeling uncomfortable. Is it appropriate to do these stretching please? Thks

Big_Mama_B says:

BEGINNER?! πŸ₯΅ Lawd I’m fat and so so so so soooooooo out of shape. Fell over so many times, and farted when I fell on the ground after the eagle pose πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Jessie Gau says:

Love your yoga Tutorial. And when doing this session with you, I so looked forward to your 2 cute cats πŸ˜†β€οΈ

Vemnock says:

Why is she outside

Wendy Keay-Bright says:

This is my absolute β€œgo to” for sciatica. Please can we have some more! Kassandra you are the best πŸ™πŸ»

Zen With Debby says:

This was just wonderful! Thank you β™₯︎ I loved seeing your 2 fur babies joining us on the mat 😻😻

Lucy Walton says:

Amazing class and just what I needed after a long day of walking. And I unclenched my jaw …. How did you know?! I’m so glad I have found your classes, which I’ve been enjoying for around 2 years now. Your intuitive cues are fabulous and instructions are clear. Thank you for making such a difference.

Kalen Carslaw says:

Excellent program, helping a lot with my recurring sciatica and hip tightness!

Your cats were a lovely pair of surprise guests. I hope my grumpy old man cat is inspired to do some more yard exploring. =)

Carmen says:

Can you consider reposting this class with a slower music tempo and slower transition into each pose ?

Michelle Knight says:

My sciatic nerve has really been bothering me so been doing this video regularly. I find that has really helped me get started for the day when I wake up in pain. Can’t wait for the arrival of Kassandra’s book! Should be arriving in the mail soon!!

heidi lynn says:

OMG! Kassandra, I love this practice. I've been doing your classes for two years now but because of some lower back/sciatica issues I went digging. Thank you. This is an oldie but one of my new favorites.

Amy Carroll says:

Thank you so much for this. I'm having a lot of sciatic pain right now, so I coudn't do every pose, but the ones I could do REALLY helped my pain. These classes are such a gift. Thank you!

Beesely 176 says:

As a beginner I found this very difficult.

Tiffany Shepherd says:

This is the best hip opening class I've ever done. Thank you!

thomas thompson says:

Kia ora Kassandra, hope you're well and thank you for this video, great for my lower back and hip pain = result! Could you please recommend some of your other videos in this vein that also do core and overall strengthening too? Ngā mihi nui Thomas

Sherry Elliott says:

Loved the flow and loved all poses, music was a lil weird and loud. Lol

Parisa Parsamaram says:

Thank you so much! It was so great πŸ™‚

Nana Zoe says:

really like you teachings, but this music really does not fit the yoga vive for me..

Abhishek Bhardwaj says:

I follow a lot of the other videos but this one is mislabeled as Beginner. Not only are the poses difficult to do the pace is difficult to keep up with. Like others have said, I much prefer the more recent style of teaching and the pace.

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