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Stiff shoulders can be caused by a number of things like arthritis, injuries, bursitis, tendonitis, and even after a surgery. Here are my top 7 treatments to help with a stiff shoulder. More shoulder stretches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGxtFgyTbKQ&t=0s&index=63&list=PLPS8D21t0eO_Ny9ors3aP4K1P_91a2-yw

The first stiff shoulder stretches are a great way to be able to passively stretch out your shoulders. Pendulums and pulleys are some of my favorite ways to loosen up a stiff shoulder and help relieve #ShoulderPain

A great active assisted range of motion (AAROM) stretch, or some might call it an exercises is using a stick, or something like a cane to help with the stretch or movement. You can do shoulder flexion, abduction, and external rotation with this.

The next ones are to help open up the chest with exercises and stretches. Shoulder circles, scapular or shoulder squeezes, and pec stretches do a great job of opening up the whole shoulder and chest area.

Finally, table slides can be done on a table, countertop, chair, or even a ball. These slides get a great stretch, and again are assisted, so you don’t have as much pain. You can do flexion, abduction, and even scaption with these.

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7 Stiff Shoulder Stretches & Exercises:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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Skinn Cosmetics says:

I did all types of exercise I get stiff shoulder which goes till side face then sometimes it's OK but when I eat or look down I get this stiffness, I want ask can steroid injection relives stiffness shoulder side or any medication

Cortez Singleton says:

Kissed datt dawg in da moff lol

Muffy D says:

I got that stiffness triggered when I played basketball, I had my check up and lab test, uric acid is borderline and the x-ray showed I have joint stiffness. I can't reach my left armpit, and can't lift my arm up, it's on my right. My doctor gave me me anti inflammatory and relaxon for 15 days. I finished 1week only and I take my meds occasionally, only if I feel pain… I can't sleep anymore on my right side because of the pain.
I don't know how to describe my situation, I'm 41, and I started avoiding all sort of food that can trigger uric acid.

I'm going to star this arm exercise. It's all doable I think. Thank you for the video Doctor Jo.

Martin says:

Excellent stuff!

Keri says:

Dr. Jo, I love your videos! And I subscribed after watching your videos for the first time months ago, I also downloaded a couple of them cuz they're extremely helpful! Thanks again 🙂

Lee Ann Self says:

Thank u dr hi 👋

Emily Jenkins says:

I just want to thank you so much for this. I went to my chiropractor and got a theraputic massage wand to my hip and it sent some of the tenseness to my shoulder to where it was almost over kill and these stretches are helping me so much. I've just started some while watching this video and it's starting to feel better

Armand Cox says:

This video is doing wonders for me, as my shoulder just tightened up a few days ago

Prem Rohilla says:

Please tell In hindi

Amanda Monica says:

thanks doc….i have a stiff shoulder and this is really help

debracazalet says:

Thank you 🌸💗🌸

IRL Vaporwave says:

thanks Doc, feelin better!

Genji Masamune says:

Thank you, JoJo! After day 1 I can feel even a little relief. I will continue this for a week and report back.

Amalia D. Macias says:

Thank you, Dr. Jo. I've been suffering with stiff shoulders for a couple of years now. Doing these exercises made my shoulders feel better! I will definitely be including them in my daily routine from now on.

thug_mcnugget says:

Cool shirt! <3

Waëza Emritte says:

Hi dr i have surgery in my right arm 1month can 1 do this exersise

Aviel 33 says:


T Isaac says:

Very helpful. Thanks.

002boy says:

thank you for posting this

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