Knee Arthritis (OA). Best Exercises, Treatments & Stretches for Osteoarthritis for Pain Relief

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Knee osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in the elderly worldwide. With this condition, the common belief is that pain is the result of damage and moving will only make the problem worse. This video is to disseminate high-value evidence-based care, prioritizing education, exercise and weight control.

0:00 Start
0:09 Definition
0:30 Signs & Symptoms
0:51 First-Line Treatments
1:09 Wear & REPAIR
1:53 Exercise Envelope (Finding the Right Dosage)
2:32 Traffic Light Analogy for Pain
3:50 Exercise/Rehabilitation
6:56 Which is better? PT vs Injection
7:22 Other Treatments
7:36 Implementation of Evidence-based care
7:49 Imaging
8:08 Surgery

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From my own journey trying to find a treatment for knee osteoarthritis best treatment and management for knee oa

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? pքɾօʍօʂʍ

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thank you for sharing this video…i used to take planet ayurveda's Happy joint pack and i am fine now but i was in search of some exercises thank you sharing this video

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