How I lost 60 pounds and got Fit After 60!

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How I lost 60 pounds, started the Ketogenic Diet and got Fit Over 60. It is also about gaining 60 pounds, battling alcoholism and fighting demons. It is about how I took control of MY life back.
This video is a brief summary of my last 5 years of recovery and how I will live my life from here forward.
I hope there is some inspiration here for some.

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Here are some links to some excellent Ketogenic Diet information:
Dr. Annette Bosworth [DrBoz]

Dr. Benjamin Bikman

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Dr. Ken Berry

Visit Low Carb Down Under to help you to understand a Low Carb, High Fat approach to nutrition.
00:00 Intro
00:55 Alcohol
1:26 Rehab
2:26 Home and Restart my Life
3:48 How I started working out again from scratch
5:12 Diet approach
5:56 Running approach
6:55 Ketogenic diet
8:09 Summary of my journey
9:07 My message


Kevin Sturges says:

Subscribed!! I want to do this. Very curious about the Ketogenic diet.

Paul Thurson says:

i'm a recovered cocaine addict .. clean since 1992 .. it was then that i started my fitness journey .. 30 years later at age 57 i'm in top condition .. shredded and just sssooooooo motivated to going in to my 60s as a fit healthy 'young man' .. thank you for your inspiring video and congratulations on how you turned around your health/fitness situation sir!!

Stefan Svendsen says:

Awesome Story 👌 Thanks for sharing

Nathaniel O'Vaughn says:

Hi Mark. I've been watching for a couple of months or so now and I can't thank you enough and thank God that I stumbled across your channel. I never would have guessed you had fought alcohol. You look like you've been kicking ass all your life. I've been struggling with booze for years. As you know, it waxes and wanes. Fortunately for me, lately it's been in a waning phase. You inspire and foster a sense of hope that I can and will regain sanity and control of my life and get in better condition as I approach 60 than I've been in in over 20 years. Again, I thank you and may God continue to bless you too.

Mahesh Surve says:

Hi Wow really inspirational
How can I connect with you

Ian Stewart Orr says:

I was into fitness in my younger years then I got into alcohol Then at the age of 47 Mother Nature went pow the pain of acute pancreatitis was horrific it nearly killed me I lost two and a half stone in 18 days in hospital I’ve been nearly ten years sober now and I’m in to keeping fit again I must continue on my sobriety journey now to the day I die then I’ll have beaten the alcohol greetings from Scotland thanks 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 I’m 6ft and 203 lbs

matt brown says:

definitely helped encourage me. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Lance Bragg says:

Mark, congratulations on the differences that you made in your life, as well as the lives of many others. I’m thankful that I’ve found your content. As an avid weight trainer for many years, as a younger man, I found myself in a similar situation. Several years ago, my wife was diagnosed with cancer, and that definitely sidetracked me. How could I say that I was going to the gym while she stayed home alone to try to cope. After my training came to a halt, I needed a total hip replacement. Next was the pandemic. One thing after another as I became fat and weak at 247 pounds. About a year and a half ago, I had to get it together. I started eating healthy, and six months later eased back into weight training. Now, at 57 years old, I’ve dropped 59 pounds and increased my muscle mass. I’m not shattering any records, but am starting to again move some respectable weights. You continue to be an inspiration, and for that, I thank you! Looking forward to tagging along, if you don’t mind. Lance

Gy Bx says:

Awesome. A sober, healthy, and fit life brings great happiness and gratitude.
I'm approaching 19 years sober/straight edge.
Retired at age 62 in 2020, went from a BMI of 31 to 23.
I'm actually more athletic and energetic at 64 than anytime in my 50's.

Hugh says:

I just found this video Mark, wow, what you have done is absolutely wonderful, there is a demon(s) behind alcohol , and thank you Lord you helped this wonderful man to get rid of it. What you have done is incredible Mark, I just assumed you were always in good shape. You have a lovely Soul that really does shine through, so wonderful the night and day transformation I see.
I believe (know)Jesus is the loving living son of God, and he helped me to get rid of suicidal thoughts and intentions, which I had had since a small child, I know he is real, I have experienced the Divine. Like you, I still need to exercise to keep mentally stronger, but what a great release it is. This is so very inspiring, quit drinking, start off small with exercising, get the help you need, if you need to and slowly build up. Yours is a powerful testimony of what can be done to better your life AND future life.

I have plenty of those lunch stained shirts too, it's not what you look like, it's what you have and are inside 🙂 Thank you kind Sir, very very inspiring, and so many people need to be inspired, I Pray many people see this amazing testimony 👍🏋🚴‍♀😊

Air Pros says:

Great story. Everything in moderation. I still drink and sometimes workout after I have been drinking. I’m 60 and the best shape of my life. Everybody’s story is different. Discipline and self awareness are key. My secrets are….calories in, calories out. Make them count 90% of the time. Move everyday. Burn the calories and keep the heart muscle strong. Zero poison wheat. No processed food. Minimal salt. No sugar. Supplement with magnesium, iodine, and multiple other things that work for me. Read your body. Know what it needs. Have fun. Your gonna die eventually. Peace!

Vstar5 says:

Great story and results. I need to lose 70 lbs at 63 and was going to do keto ,but my DR said don’t do it, do Mediterranean instead .Would appreciate your thoughts .

Robin W says:

Thanks. How I got to your video today I don't know. Main thing, I needed to hear this Today. At the end if my frustration rope. Thank you!

Soytica says:

I was looking for support on my journey to stop cravings, found your video, thanks for being so natural on talking about your life, it has inspired me to think twice on what I haven't done yet and do something . By the way you do look great. Today I sent a message to a personal trainer to start on some basic instructions. I will love to hear more on how you were able to conquer drinking habits and did that amazing shift.

ExtinctWarriorRace says:

Now, this is inspirational. I'm 18 and I've been working out since late 16 from obese and I've achieved great results (From not being able to do a push up to being able to do complex variations of pushups, dips…) And what I have in mind is to never stop working out. Never, I want to reach 60 years old and still be working out and surprassing my limits.

Tobias Bostwick says:

Mark, thank you.

Warren Jansen says:

I just found your video Mark. Thank you for sharing and inspiring others. I had a stroke a little over 2 years ago as a result of letting my diabetes get out of control. I'm currently 63 and have recently started a gym and kind of fell into a keto lifestyle when I decided to cut out carbs to take my diabetes as serious as I could. I've never been necessarily overweight, but I have lost about 15 lb and am striving for an additional 10. I've never had to struggle with alcohol, but I have just stopped consuming it. Don't miss the booze, or the carbs, or the extra weight. Doing what you have done makes a world of change in your life. Sharing what you have done can make a world of difference in hundreds of other people's lives. That's where the real change happens. Congratulations!

David Skillstad says:

Mark, Thank you so much for making this video it is inspiring, I am just starting my journey. I even casual alcohol use has left me unproductive the next day and I end up wasting time on the couch. I have quit alcohol and am begining exercise and keto. Now is the time to create the life Ive dreamed of. I have suscribed and look forward to your videos to help give me that extra motivation. Thanks for the help. Dave

knp77 says:

Realise dI was most definitely alcoholic holic 2010 and stopped on and off for years.
After leaving a job I loved I then attempted to drink myself to death 7th Dec 2017 to 17th Jan 2017. I relapsed bad and didn't care. I decided to stay alive
.. To live 18/1/18.
Congratulations to you man.
You look so fantastic. Pretty sure you could even compete on stage if you wanted to.
I am 44 and need to up my physical game badly. The pandemic keeps holding me back. I keep holding myself back.
Inspiring stuff here from you. Thanks for sharing your story. I need to strengthen my core area first then get back into shape. ✌️❤️✌️
You are way ahead of me. Your workout schedule is organised and intense.

Josh Reed says:

Inspirational!! You give us hope.

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