Aqua Fitness #1 – Basics (Aerobic Water Pool Workout for Beginners, Seniors, & Limited Mobility)

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First in a series of Aqua Fitness Exercise Routines, brought to you by Coach Stacy. Good for all abilities but especially for beginners, those with limited mobility, during pregnancy, people looking to rehab in their pool, and seniors looking for a water workout program. Learn how to effectively exercise in your pool and get AquaFIIT with Stacy.

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Stephanie Baldwin says:

Thank you Stacy! This is such a great video for water exercise in our pool with friends. Keep them coming, especially the longer close to an hour videos. We love you!❤️

Barney Torres says:

Stacey, I just discovered your video,bi have RA and am obese. I'm so looking forward to your pool exercises. A family member has offered me her pool. ❤️

Mrsjvaltierra says:

Thanks so much I’ve never done water aerobics, this was just the right pace for me. I look forward to watching your other videos

Stacie Dykes says:

It was great. I felt like I accomplished something today!

Janie Bedolla says:

Thank you Stacy, I got knee surgery and been watching your videos they are so helpful ☺
Work out at senior citizens pool.
Really appreciate all you do for a beginner like me.

Jan Scott says:

I really enjoy your teaching! Thank you for explaining each move so well. I subscribed and am looking forward to more!

Squish says:

I have arthritis, and the closest free pool to me is a pool built into a cold spring, so the water is FREEZING, but I still really want to work out in it. It's also almost impossible to touch the bottom, but my work shifts end at 5am when it opens, so I like to go for a swim after work. Do you have any tips for deep water exercise? I've been holding onto a bar and doing bicycles and criss crossing my legs for several reps, but I don't feel like it's enough, even though I feel sore.

Chef Mar’s Oils and Cuisine says:

Thanks I really enjoyed your video I'll definitely use this during my workout

Afit360 Personal Training says:

Great video gonna use it tolorrow during my sessions 🙂

Kathy Knoeppel says:

Thanks Stacy! I just love your pool workouts. I hope you will do more – my goal is to try to get on a daily exercise routine focusing on aerobics and strength. Your videos are easy to follow and upbeat!

Angela Vipperman says:

Thank you so much for this video! It is exactly what I was looking for.

Debra Young says:

How does one physically watch your video while in the water? Are there any electronics that you use to watch while in the water that are waterproof?

Debra Young says:

How do you watch your video while you are in the pool? I only have a public pool to go to so not sure how one follow along with the video while in the water. I'm new to this so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

brookethgoldendoodle says:

I have just started doing water workouts and I am so happy I found this video. Thank you and I cannot wait for more!

Kathy Harris says:

Thank you, love the video. You attitude and encouragement is great. New to water workouts and this is great beginning lesson.

David Tullberg says:

My wife and I have been doing this video in our pool for 2 weeks. We love it!
We have had our pool for 22 years and never done water aerobics until now. Seeing results already.
Looking forward to graduating to your more challenging videos😎

Cathy Slater says:

Love your videos!! My friends and I get together twice a week in my pool. We set up the laptop and you are our instructor! We always do 2 videos for a great workout!! Keep making more … we are up for the challenge!

Genna says:

Your detailed explanation of what each exercise or movement does is extremely useful.

Julie Castetter says:

Would love to see more! Love doing water aerobics in my pool!

Elaine Bukowsky says:

Loved the workout. Love your teaching style. Please make more videos.

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