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With the help of yoga, one can work on their body strengthening, flexibility, balancing and blood circulation which results in anti-ageing as well. Watch the full video to know more about these yoga-asanas.

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Fit Tak says:

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Chandan Pradhan says:


dimple sharma lyngdoh says:

I can't balance it.. Been trying so hard

Awesome ADRIJA says:

Shakir Ghouri says:

End mai jo bad-tameezi aap ne ki hai…mujhy khofnak khwaab aarahe hain..🤣🤣🤣

Surya Sanju says:

08:21 🤢🤯

rajeshrajendran says:

How many times we want to do each asana?

Rammi Sood says:

Your yoga guidance is excellent…can u alsotell where to buy such yoga dresses from..thanks

Pawan Pawan says:

You are my best

Mastanaiah Bommisetty says:


Learn English with Benu Sehrawat says:

You're extremely engaging ma'am. Amazing explanation!
Thanks 🙏

Husain Miyaji says:

Last one was scarry! J literally jumped out of my bed.

Rupa Rupa says:


Try says:

पहले तो ढंग के कपड़े पहनो ॥ और हाँ , करता हूँ छोटे कपड़े वाली लड़कियों को नापसंद । its my ‘choice’
दूसरा आसना नहीं होता , आसान होता है । भारतीय ज्ञान बाँटने से पहले तन मन धन से भारतीय हो जाओ । कम से कम हिंदी तो सीख ले बहन । और कुछ खाया कर, हड्डी हो रक्खी है ।

Sanjay Kumar says:

8:06 I just laughed 😂

Pardeep Chopra says:

great asanas mam ….u give great efforts while making your all videos ..appreciate your work….happy to find your video….along with that i suggest to all people watching this videomust try planet ayurveda's anti-agieng pack along with this yoga it will give you great results

Deepak singh says:

Please ma'am morning fit talk me aap daily upload same surya namaskar video for practice it my self Dee pak s ingh jai hind jai bharat

Arunima Mukherjee Sristi Foundation says:

Mam I have slip disc in my waist will I do all this?

Mihirimah Sultan says:

Not premature.. tell me is it really work for real aged face to young face

Gitanjali Bhagra says:

Balance nahi banta

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