5 BEST Face Yoga Exercises For Anti Aging | Chis Gibson

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Want a zero cost face lift? These 5 face yoga exercises for anti aging could be just what you are looking for! I demonstrate them in this video! #skincare #faceyoga #chrisgibson

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Chris Gibson says:

Hey all! Here is the LONG AWAITED video on face yoga! Let me know if you try them and how they work out for you! ♥ NEW? Be sure to get your FREE Skin ID and perfect routine from me! http://bit.ly/2NL3kOt 😍

Nellie says:

Thanks 👍

Emily Silk says:

Great video! Although I am confused by the first exercise and not sure if I am doing it correctly. Am I supposed to use my fingers to push up my forehead or do I use them as resistance to pull down my forehead muscles while using the muscles to lift?

liana cruz says:

Does this help
A 67 year young

Havad says:

This is miraculous! where's it been all my life! Bless you and your grandma!! Still don't believe you're 58.

nish Bhojwani says:

Will they cause wrinkles?

Elizabeth Eckhardt says:

Thank you Chris I’m noticing a difference after doing it a few times I’m 57 years old I’m glad you’re here to help us out

Gayle Angles says:

I'm excited about this,,I'm noticing more deeper lines around mouth n sides ,my profile.dont want no one to look at me.tha ks so much,With depression,I don't realize I'm frowning,but I don't let no one see but me smile.

April V says:

I did two exercises you recommended and its been about 10 days and I do feel it is working! I wish I had taken a before picture. In fact I am BLOWN away by the results. I had stopped botox in that area so the jowls were pretty pronounced now they are vanishing!

Helen Sons says:

I'm not feeling very much muscle tension or after stretch (hope that makes sense). Are my muscles too flabby to get them to tighten? I'm really trying to stretch.

tiger8linny says:

Just what I need, Chris! How fortunate you were to have such a savvy Gram❣️ Hope it’s not too late for me. . .will let you know how it goes! 🥰🐅

SimplyEmily82 says:

is the uk brand facegym ok as they seem to really stretch the face

Judy Luchies says:

Thank you,😇

Belinda Arroyo says:

First time I have seen your video. I am happy I found it!

sharon gray says:

Chris I have very sunk in cheeks, and hollowness underneath the eyes, what is a good exercise to plump underneath the eyes and make the cheeks fuller

btdu says:

body yoga, now there's also face yoga.

Roshani Jayatunga says:

Thank you.I will try this.

RichesInHeaven says:

do you have a picture of grandma? when u were young?😁 i"m imagining her being so healthy and just rest when its her time to go

Lori Becchi says:

So is this what micro current does?

K S says:

Very interesting

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