5 Achy Knee Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises

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An achy knee is often caused by tightness or weakness in the muscles around the knee. These knee stretches and exercises may help relieve the knee pain. Buy a worksheet with these achy knee relief moves at: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/achy-knee-worksheet

The first exercise to help relieve an achy knee is a quad set. This will not only help strengthen the quad muscle, but it will also help loosen up the knee joint.

Next is a heel slide. This is a great way to get some bending or flexion in the knee. Using a strap can also help get an extra stretch.

The last three stretches are with a strap for some of the muscles that cross the knee joint. A hamstring stretch, IT band (or tensor fasciae lattae) stretch, and a quad stretch should help get rid of some of the achy pain around the knee.

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5 Achy Knee Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises

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Buy a worksheet with these achy knee relief moves at: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/achy-knee-worksheet
Buy a stretching strap like the one in the video: https://amzn.to/3bRhWYN (affiliate link)
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Elsie Valentin says:

Mine is so painful I fractured my tibia bone and it has a hardware I'm having a hard time bending.

AJ B says:

Your dog is lovely!

Aidan M. says:

Thank you for posting these great videos. I hope to try these at the gym soon. P.S. Do you also work for an animal shelter or volunteer at an animal rescue? I think seen a different dog in each of your videos!

Genise White says:

Where can I buy a long strap?

Ishak Sehic says:

What exercises can help to sove a knee cracking when I strech my legs?

Tawanda Oates says:

Hi Dr. Jo,
Which video is good for Baker's Knee pain?

Geralyn Kamahaʻo Camarillo says:

Youʻre sooo awesome, Dr. Jo! MAHALO!!!

bubbles xx says:

hi dr jo! i am wodnering if it’s normal for our knee to vibrate when we place our hand on top of it. especially after exercising or bending the knee or during squat, lunges? i am worried

Pure Speed Athletes says:

Hey I’m 17 years old and And am a sprinter and wide receiver for fball. For a long time now my internal rotation has been bad in my legs whereas my external rotation is very good. I have tried to work on internal rotation like the 90/90 stretch but when I do it I feel a sort of tight pain that feels like a string is pulling inside the outside of my knee. So I haven’t been able to do any internal exercises since as it’s too much pain. It’s not like normal knee pain more like a tight pulling. No physio has been able to help me. Do you know what this is?

Robert Lazorko says:

Dr. Jo is the most awesome of awesome. Come for the dogs and comedy, stay for the injury treatment and prevention. Thank you so much for all you share!


Mam I have pain in my thigh.
MY MRI REPORT SAYS THAT MY L3 AND L4 NERVE HAS COMPRESSED…mam plzz tell will I be fine or cure by this pain completely or not.

Irfan Shafi says:

How to releive pain in right arm caused due to extensive writting ?

Nesrine Belk says:

Thanks Doc. Your videos are very helpful. You re the best,😘

Chandrasekaran A R says:

Captions makes it unable to follow your action

Tracy says:

I’m getting gel injections bec my knees after chemo are useless. I’ve been actively lifting weights & exercising to build muscle (post menopausal). I share your vids with my PT, too. Ty, Jo🐶🐱

Abdulfatah Ahmed says:

You always teach us helpfull exercises
Thnk u very much

Roger Funk says:

My knee don't really ache but it's good workout. It helps because mine pop when I lift weights 🤣

Roger Funk says:

Hey pretty miss Remy!! 🐾

Beto Longoria says:

Thanks Doc. Jo. 🙏🏻. Pretty Miss. Remy 😍🐾🐾🙌🏻

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