Piriformis Syndrome – Home Stretches & Exercises

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Recent research suggests that the ‘piriformis syndrome’ diagnosis is incomplete and does not adequately address all of the pelvic issues that could create sciatica-like pain. So, this type of pain is now referred to as deep gluteal pain syndrome (DGPS), which describes situations where compression of either the sciatic or pudendal nerves in the pelvic region rather than the low back creates sciatica.

Besides entrapment by the piriformis muscle, other issues including gemelli-obturator internus syndrome, ischiofemoral impingement syndrome and proximal hamstring syndrome can all create sciatica.

Symptoms typically include pain in the buttock and/or hip regions that may also radiate into the distribution of the sciatic nerve (posterior thigh and lower leg/foot). Pain can result from a direct insult to the region including trauma or issues that would reduce blood flow (ischemia). Common insults include falls, hip-related surgery, pain-induced muscle guarding and prolonged mechanical compression, like sitting on a wallet.

If you are experiencing pain in the buttock region that potentially radiates down the back of the leg, give the following exercises a try and let me know if you have any questions.

1. Lumbar Rotation Stretch
2. Posterior Hip Muscle Stretch
3. Sciatic Nerve Glide
4. Sidelying Hip Abduction

Reference : Park JW, et al. Deep gluteal syndrome as a cause of posterior hip pain and sciatica-like pain. Bone Joint J. 2020. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32349600/


Pradip Mehta says:

I am extremely grateful to you for your guidance through exercises for Sciatica and piriformis muscle. I will start today and onwards till I get relief. The exercises are easy to perform and seems effective for the ailments.
Your guidance has helped me a lot to come out from the physical disorders.
I thank you very much again. Be blessed.

delaila gaga says:

very helpful exercise than byou very much i just follow you then pain suddenly gone thank you so much for this helpful video

WM W says:

Thank you for uploading this video. I have been having a severe pain on my right buttock. I had a IV in the hospital plus a steroid & morphine injection to my buttocks last night that gave me 2 to 3 hours of sleep after my injection. The pain is bad when I wake up the pain is severe as it has been. I cannot put weight on my foot without severe pain. Please please tell me what to do. I am on holiday in Dubai.

Satish rajput says:

I have had this pain on my right butt cheek for almost 2 years …whats the timeline for healing with the stretches…thanks again

Tina EM Cabral says:

I get radiating pain from both my hips to my toes… Is it Piriformis n wat wud b ur advice to me

Dasj Soda says:

Great video Doctor! Please don't stop making videos, i realy enjoy it since i study physical therapy 👍!

Maria Curteanu says:

Mulțumesc mult pentru eserciti!!

Shaik dawood Basha says:

Nice brother ❤️👍

Mohini Gunavare says:

Sir… I got an operation on right hip side because of injection septic and I have severe back pain on right side I can even stand alone..Can I do this exercise

Mylan To says:

Thank you Tom for these awesome exercises. It helps a lot!

Raza HAQUE says:

Thanks buddy.. you helped me in great way.

Harrison Clark says:

I injured something in the perineum and have very little feeling in my penis and shooting pain in my right testicle and into my right knee. Some of the stretches that you’re doing where recommended to me, but I’m not really having much luck.

Shatha Omar says:

When I do the third exercise and left my leg to front, I hear sounds from my knee. Is that OK??

Vương Thiên says:

Thank you !!!

brodygoalie says:

Yes or no on using lacrosse ball laying down and finding the spot. I have fine this. It's awful pain but Id this okay to do?? Thanks

L F says:

The single leg pump just relieved the majority of my pain…
I've been doing all the other exercises, plus a massage gun, but that stretch you showed relieved all the pain going down my leg.
Thank you.

Farasat Hussain says:

Best exercise

ismael noble says:

Am in my 58 yrs i suddenly have a horrible pain in my buttok after performing a the exercise,i cant stand straigth for a little while its like squezzing my nerve downward,pls help me give me some advise sir it affects my daily works,it always hurt everytime i stand and prolong sleep .tnx and gudday godbless

sqd37l says:

I just hate getting old.

Sandra Bracken says:

Wow. Thank you! You have really helped me to reaver the pain I have been dealing for a year or longer. You explain things very clearly. I learned a lot. You make sense with your explanation. Thank you! 😁😀😎

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