How To Rehab Golfer Elbow + Tendonitis | Lets Talk

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Medial Epicondylitis Review:
Steroids for Medial Epicondylitis:
Corticosteroids Review:

This video shares a conversation in regards to golfer’s elbow and general tendon rehab. Golfer’s elbow or Medial Epicondylitis can be a very frustrating injury that is extremely persistent. It’s a fine balance of load management and taking your time to progress back to full strength and ability. This should not be taken as medical advice and always seek advice from a qualified professional in person.


0:00 Introduction
3:04 Assessment
6:55 Treatment
21:40 Long Term Progress
27:50 Outro


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Daniel Szulc says:

what about LED red light + infra red therapy(worth doing or very little help?)? or using pills with BPC-157(can cause cancer?) ?

Fidel Frank says:

needed this thanks

J.M .B says:

What about naproxen? Does it help with this?

Swashy893 says:

Mine is not recovering!!! Years on and it’s still debilitating

Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy says:

Do you think ring bodyweight rows (with straps) would be a good way to work around the pain from chin-ups and rehab the problem? I've never used rings, but I'm going to buy some to try out some alternatives.

Greg Lemon says:

Best golfers elbow info I have had. Everything else I have read is bullshit, this was real and very helpful. Mine is almost better after about 6 months of doing this.

saiyanstetics says:

If you have this injury and wanna do push ups without pain, I found bending your elbow about 3/4 and contracting your scapular (shoulder blades) the rest of the way to lower your chest rather than bending your elbow all the way which will cause pain. I also found flaring your elbows a little too much will cause pain so keep those elbows tucked by your sides if that helps.

Yes you will be working a bit more of your back rather than triceps and chest but at least this way you can still work around it.
If this still hurts then try what works for you and if all else fails best not to do that movement and do other exercises.

saiyanstetics says:

I have been intensively training for the muscle up and now I have golfers elbow smh this so annoying but at least i can still train front lever and full planche cause my arm is generally straight

Supremegod Master of Omegachaosprime hyperInfinit says:

Does anyone have any recommendations for straight arm training. For example, I am feeling pain in my elbow because of the zanetti hold, any idea on how to work around the pain?

Maximilian Reimers says:

*Youtubers go out their way to give the best possible advices for a general population they have no way of giving perfect diagnosis and treatments on but try their best*: "Yeah but I'm no doc so make sure to get professional assessment and advice"

*Me going to a professional*: " Yo you have pain so don't do sports for six weeks, no need for PT, there a good vids on YT for that, bye"

Jonathan Lyons says:

I found the hammer twist exercise to be extremely beneficial. I would suggest also trying it with the arm extended straight out to the side. While that worked well for the forearm, it didn't help much above the elbow. I still had discomfort where the tricep connected to the elbow.

flick says:

I had pain under the back of elbow joint 6 months ago, followed by lateral forearm pain( and i misunderstood it for tennis elbow). Followed my numbness and tingling in ulnar nerve region. I've been doing rehab for tennis/golfers elbow from 6 months but none of it works. Now week ago i came to know that root cause is Muscle). I got it most probably from overdoing Dips,Push ups. Internet doesn't have enough videos for Anconeus rehab. I did some massage ball release and it swelled up.
Hey Tom can you suggest some rehab exercises…..

Obara Young says:

There's no video too long if it brings us this info/knowledge. Keep at it man. 🦾

Adam says:

I've been dealing with golfer's elbow for over a year now and nothing seems to improve it.

Such a demoralizing injury. 😭

Sebastian_2202 says:

Brilliant content, thanks so much for sharing!

Joe Brettler says:

Excellent video – thanks Tom

egroj735 says:

my 2 years shin splints thaks you for this video

Steve B says:

I had elbow problems and started doing light wrist, grip and supination training which helped. I changed to hammer curls to keep training biceps. It’s still sore but it’s much better. Good video

Chris Seal says:

Can’t remember where I heard it but time under tension is good for tendons rather than reps. Not sure how it should be used in a rehab context tho. I like this format of video and more laidback nature, which goes to show you don’t have to spend hours on fancy editing and b roll for every topic as the content is what matters. That said it’s clear a lot of time and effort went into this, so thanks. You should consider parallel posting as a podcast for those who prefer that medium, although I do like that you editorialised for clarity and brevity.

SaturnoMovement says:

Excellent video brother! Hammer curls did play a huge role in my recovery (or not, but I wasn’t doing much else so probably yes) — other than that, for the rest struggling: I found rows in neutral grip to give me no pain so I focused on those. There is always a way around it, but as clearly stated on this video: we got it find out for ourselves. Finally, it took me 12-14months to feel no pain at all so definitely be patient if you are going through this. Best of luck to everyone! Tom you rock ✊🏽 -Gabo

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