Fix Patellar Tendonitis with 4 Exercises (Stop Knee Pain!!)

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Fix Patellar Tendonitis with 4 Exercises (Stop Knee Pain!!)

Sports Rehab Expert shows you 4 of the best exercises to eliminate patellar tendon knee pain. These patellar tendonitis exercises can also be easily done at home which makes fixing knee pain very easy. Patellar tendonitis treatment at home to help you feel better fast! Complete progression of strengthening exercises are demonstrated so anyone can get started fixing their knee pain today.

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10colt01 says:

Maybe I missed it but set rep ranges?

David Winn says:

When I climb stairs my knees sound like crunching potato chips.

lachlan crane says:

How do you do that first exercise when that movement is excruciating? Kills me man.

thatstheguy07 says:

I always see that step down exercise touted as the best movement that helps ppl but I was doing knees over toes guy program last year and that movement actually made my knee much worse. To the point where I’m watching videos now trying to figure out a way or fix my knee. Those actually destroyed it. My knees never been worse.
It actually has this new sensation now where I feel like a scraping sensation on the side, above my knee on my thigh. Feels like road rash whenever I bend the knee. Getting up or sitting down.

I had to stop the program a few months ago once this happened and I haven’t been able to make it any better since.

I’ve been walking backwards all the time but it’s not working. Super frustrating.
Meanwhile I see everyone saying how good this step down movement has been for them. Don’t know why it ruined me.

Tree fitty says:

U need to do gua sha. Type in patellar tendon rehab evidence and a nice long article should pop up of them experementing different stuff on different people and showing what works. It shows a program u can follow with your pt

Bradley J. Paolucci says:

I’m on a bodybuilding/strength program and my patella is killing me the days after leg day but not during training. Right now I’m just doing leg press and and machine hamstring curls . Should I stop the leg training and just do these exercises? I find every time I increase load the pain comes back even while doing patellar exercises

ooHashim says:

You put out some seriously good videos good shit

Veronica Michalczak says:

Thank you! These are great, I can feel them all targeting my knee area. My question is how do I know if I am doing the move correctly? Where should I be feeling the tension while doing each move? If I feel the tension in the side of my glutes and butt, does that mean I am doing it wrong? I am using a 2 – 3 inch step at the moment. First time trying after recovering from galbladder surgery (I finally feel ready). Should I be tightening up my abs when I do certain ones? Squeezing my glutes when I get to the top? How far apart should my feet typically be? Is doing this workout without running shoes ok? Sorry for all the questions – just want to perfect my technique. Thanks again for this awesome video.

Duuuude_01 says:

Hello, Mr! I would greatly appreciate your advice or advice of guys in the comments!
I had a little knee injury 2 moths ago, 1 moths ago I started walking after my leg was immobilised for a month, and Immediately I felt pain behind the knee. After a moth of walking it doesn’t really go away, I’m afraid of running cuz it might make things worse, BUT my doc said I should work the leg, cuz it might help to recover. The issue seems to be with tendons – so should I rest or work? I’m 18, and an active sportsperson.Gonna visit massage by the way….
Should I use a gel? If I’ve been doing for 2 moths already and there is no swelling or redness – only lil in cost sent pulling pain in behind the knee area

jumperboi 💫 says:

What if the one leg single squad hurts…?

Josh says:

How often should one perform these exercises?

Self Robi says:

Hello sir
I had an acl surgery
Now its going 3 months
Now can I do sit-up exercise?

A M says:

Hi there, ive used these exercises in the past with ATG to treat my pfps, but i could never get to a pain free range without basically doing these on the floor or a very low height at like 1 inch at most. Do you have any suggestions on how i can progress?

Fat 2Fit says:

This was a really informative video 💪
I've been trying to get into shape for few months now and a pair of dumbbells would literally take my training to a whole new level, you seem to have an awful lot of them behind you, what are the chances that you could ship a pair all the way to Africa? Cuz I can't afford them😭😭

Anson Gutierrez says:

I have been doing some of these exercises for the last month and although my knee pain is improving, I noticed that sometimes I get an acute pain when bending my knee. I have noticed that my knee doesn't always track over the same part of my foot. Sometimes it goes over my 2nd toe, and sometimes it goes more towards my middle or 4th toe. This sounds like a problem. Should my knee always track over the same toe? Is it a hip instability causing this odd tracking? Thanks!

Steven Rawlings says:

Excellent content! Keep it coming

Name says:

Can you also make a video on shoulder ligaments please?

Alex Coleman says:

I didn’t know you were based in Ann Arbor! I am going to have come down. Just realized you’re less than 10 minutes from my house

javier rubio says:

how many times a week should i do this?

Alex C says:

i tried the kettlebell gobliet squat whilst standing on 2 plates. and the next day i had the first knee soreness ive ever had in my life cause of it.
was wondering if this could be due to knee falling inwards or bad form? (weight was pretty light)

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