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In this video, Doctor Andrea Furlan will demonstrate 10 exercises that can be done at staircase at home. These exercises are excellent for seniors who have balance and weakness problems.

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If you want to download a summary of all the exercises, check this document:

00:00 Introduction
02:08 Exercise 1 – Right Foot Up
03:12 Exercise 2 – Left Foot Up
03:52 Exercise 3 – Sideways right Step
04:44 Exercise 4 – Sideways Left Step
05:18 Exercise 5 – Backwards Right Side
06:13 Exercise 6 – Backwards Left Side
06:45 Exercise 7 – Sideways Right side
07:21 Exercise 8 – Sideways Left Side
07:45 Exercise 9 – Stretch Plantar Fascia
08:43 Exercise 10 – Stretch Hamstrings
09:46 Going upstairs after surgery hip, knee or ankle
11:19 Going downstairs after surgery

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ALERT: This video is not intended to replace medical
advice. If you think you have a condition that is
causing you pain, please consult with your doctor
to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan for you.
The intent of this video is only for educational


Gayathri Shashidhar says:

Ma'am super. I was sure that I can do this. I tried with success. Now iam so attached to it that Iam doing this regularly. If I miss it I will be sad. Iam doing your most of the exercises which are a total package. Thank you ma'am.

Laurence Legrand says:

Merci beaucoup pour ces exercices Dr Furlan. Faut-il les faire tous le jours ou 3-4 fois par semaine est suffisant ?

Topics and opinions says:

Audio quality is not good!

Vera Dimi says:

Can you do this when you have osteoarthritis bone to bone knees?

Debbie Wilkinson says:

How about 3 cats 🐈

Asfaw B lideya says:

Dr I a got stroke 3 months ago, my left side of my body is weak. What kind exercises can I do ? Ive been following your website for a few months now. Please can you help me decide which ones are better for me to gain my mobility faster please.
Thank you so so much 😊🙏🙏

Margaret Seagroves says:

I am glad I watch you about balance I had vad balance from neck nerve pinch on 3/4 Dr say after surgery it will be walk no balance if eccrise help or not hope you will reply me back.i will go back Dr in June but I hate surgery. I am 76 year old. I love working .

Jan c C says:

What can a person use if they don't have steps in there place.
You have some very good exercises. Thank you and God bless you👍

Judith Joseph says:

Hi,this help alot cause have to climbed stairs .Cause of a sprain ankle .

Bos Sha says:

Step by step .

Sheila Vyas says:

Thank you for the useful exercises.👍

Brigitte Salina says:

Very helpful,! I have osteoporosis and these exercises are just what I need for my stairs. There were 3 cats in the video

P says:

Love your training video – right amount of information with useful tips to ensure safety.

Marie Barreto says:

Dr furlan i am a fan of yours. I have rheumatoid arthritis, want to know which omega 3 tablets should I suggested 1:1 Marie Rego

josh sizemore says:

😍😍😍 now that's a nice booty!!!

Veli Boyraz says:

Videolarınızda türkçe alt yazı mümkün mü teşekkürler

Marry Fashion says:

Amazing video dear. Thank you for sharing

Blue Lady says:

Exercise #9, in my opinion, is not safe the way it is demonstrated here. I would do this standing behind a heavy chair and just stretching to tiptoe, then sitting and doing the stretch to heel. If you're already balance-compromised, this is a much safer way to do the stretch. I am 70 yrs old and have fallen several times in the last few months due to sudden balance issues so I am speaking from experience. It gave me a real scare when I found myself unable to rise unassisted when I fell walking in snow. I am doing the glutes exercises to regain the strength I lost over time.

Alagupandian R says:

Thank you Dr

Wasif Khan says:

Hi respected madam

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