The One Stretch That Can Stop Your Neck, Upper Back, & Shoulder Pain

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present The One Stretch That Can Stop Your Neck, Upper Back, & Shoulder Pain

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Nicholas Yeo says:

skip to 4:07 for the exercise. you are welcome

Maulena Spencer says:

I just don't trust these characters because they push themselves as the best in the world.

Connie Moore Loman says:

I am convinced that recliners, in general, are the main cause of this. I have actually split the seam on taken the excessive filling out so that my head and shoulder are not pushed forward all the time. I wish they made recliners without the silly pillow back.

Alan Rodriguez says:

Bob's way is the only way lol. Works better to target sextions

Tammy Olson says:

Ok, some neck relief left shoulder still kinked

Tammy Olson says:

Omfg I'm in pain. Get on with it

C R S says:

Amazing! Instant relief.

seynpurrp says:

i can go back but i cant look back, thats what ive been struggling with, i think its cuz of the air conditioner, but im tring to find how to relief it

Lexi Burgio says:

Y’all chat way too much and make it hard to even find the stretch

Mr.Felix’s View says:

I must admit it…. I had having this pain for 15days … everyday when I woke up I feel much harder day by day….and thank you for the almighty for giving me instinct to check for any exercise to cure this and I end up here in this video…. Literally I’m feeling much better on my first rep itself…. Thank You both of you of for diagnosis of how I’m feeling exactly Neck,shoulder blade inside of the blade pain and upper neck and shoulder connecting place is feeling much better now…. I will continue through out the day and keep commenting…

B L says:

Thank you I instantly notice a difference in my neck and back pain, this towel stretch is extremely helpful and super smart thank you for sharing ,

jumpship88 says:

Im 27 and just today I had a terrible injury in my neck/shoulder blade/back area while doing wide grip pull ups. I wasnt able to look up at all, I could barely move my head. Im never doing wide grip pull ups again. This stretch and exercise that youve provided has helped me tremendously along with the P.O.L.I.C.E. rehab protocol for strained muscles. Thank you so much!! I feel so much better already. Ill be doing this every day and I feel like Ill be back to working out and playing golf very soon thanks to you.

Judie Colligan says:

Perfect! Worked like a charm in 10 minutes and even better throughout the day, THANKS!

Constance Habakangas says:

THE SOUND IS TOO LOW. I DO NOT READ LIPS !!!!! If you want subscribers FIX THIS !!!!!

Constance Habakangas says:

Sound too low

Babi says:


Joyce Price says:

A little less, talk and a lot more, actions:PLEASE!! Thanks!! You both can, do this!!!!!!

An Adorable Wombat says:

Since I've turned 30 my body said, ache, pain, ache, pain!!!

Diana Angeles perez says:

I work from home and been very stiff , this has helped me a lot thank you ❤

snoop dogg says:

The breath of pain relief that I just had was great.

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