Sciatica? Try These 4 Simple Poses

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Do you have sciatic nerve pain? It usually starts in your lower back or your butt, and then radiates down your leg, sometimes all the way to your knee, sometimes all the way to your foot.

The term ‘sciatica’ refers to inflammation or impingement of your sciatic nerve. The underlying cause is usually some sort of compression or injury in the lumbar spine that is pinching the nerve. This is important to understand because we often need to travel upstream from the pain to help solve the problem.

00:00 Sciatic Nerve Pain
00:42 Safety Disclaimer
00:57 My Story
01:54 Anatomy
02:57 Lumbar Spine Problems
06:12 How Healing Works
07:23 Faster Healing
10:18 Walking
11:02 Crawling
12:55 Pointer Pose
15:50 Supine Twist
18:38 Dog Flow w/ Chair
21:08 Summary

DISCLAIMER – Please do not use this video to diagnose or treat a severe injury. In all cases, you should check with a trusted healthcare provider before starting any self-care routine. If you’re suffering from serious sciatica pain, if you’re having trouble controlling your bladder or bowel, you should see a doctor right away.

Your sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in your body, in some areas it’s as wide as 1.5 to 2mm. It starts at your lower back where five nerve roots at L4, L5, S1, S2, and S3 come together and run down the back of your leg, innervating your hamstrings and then branching out into most of the muscles of the lower leg. As a result, a sciatic nerve impingement way up in your lumbar spine can sometimes manifest in pain and weakness all the way down in your foot.

An estimated 90 percent of sciatic nerve pain starts with a disc bulge or herniation in the lower back, where the nucleus pulposus pushes on or even breaks through the annulus fibrosus in the disc. The protruding tissue presses on the nerve and causes pain.

1) Disc bulge or herniation
2) Lumbar nerve impingement/compression
3) Nerve inflammation

* When sitting
* When lifting one leg
* When trying to stand

These poses assume you’re already in pain, so the approach is very gentle. While healing, your pain should either stay the same or reduce, never worsen. If you have radiating pain down your leg, as the pain starts to radiate less and localize more—usually up closer to the lower back—that is a sign of progress.

* Walk 1km per day, working up to 3km
* Avoid NSAIDs such as ibuprofen
* Take 1g of omega-3 oil supplements daily
* Trust your body’s natural healing processes

1) Crawling
2) Pointer Pose
3) Supine Twist
4) Dog Flow with chair

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Hope you find this new video helpful! Questions and suggestions most welcome. Grab the PDF in the description. – Lucas @ YOGABODY

did it again says:

Great video no bullshit

Jojy Valikodath says:

I've been struggling with lower back pain for years. I had a few falls in my adolescent years and hurt my back when lifting boxes and stuff from a basement flooding in my 50s (couldn't move, crawled upstairs). Had to get adjusted through a Chiropractor then. Now at age 60, I had a car accident someone hitting in the front of my car not stopping at the red light. I was perfectly alright then, didn't bother to go to the hospital and checked out. This was right before the pandemic started. Now that my lower back hurts a little bit and having to wake up at night because of leg and foot pain and numbness and sensitivity to cold The left side of my body feels weak. Now I am regularly visiting a Chiropractor to fix the pain and the nerve problems if that is the reason for the pain. I started walking a minimum of 3 miles every day. I hope to start the exercises you shared here also. Very informative. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me. Love to hear from you, Dr. Lucas Lucas Rockwood!

Kelsang Lama says:

i will try this thank u

Gerry Gizzy Garcia says:

Will this help heirnated discs

Fathima Sadak says:

Love the indepth info especially the guidelines on what to take and the dosage required. I love the practical step by step , I love the scientific explaination ws well as the diagrams .Absolutely awsome 👌

Hanan Derhalli says:

Is placing ones leg over the sink harmful

Mauro Manampan says:

Tnx a lot I'm suffering from sciatica,

Benjie Sevillo says:

I am a sciatica sufferer for sometime,It is very inconvenient to move around because of the pain and for fear of a bad fall. I just do some slow walking exercises ,stretching and sit up exercises . It would take my mind off the pain but it comes back again I would not want to wish it on anyone,I am patient and will persevere until this pain goes away God help me.

Giselle Thomas says:

I feel so sorry to even believe that all the human being that connected and fall into the trap of the devil and his tricks . This is NOT the loved ones that they believed are talking to them . Is demons that appear to be the person they wish to see , the devil is deceitful and deceiving
GOD is eternal and love he never aloud this to happened and continue the suffering of people that have leave this world .

Lynette Foster says:

Thank you for though explaination helps me to understand whats going on with body.

Cathy Preddie says:

Amazing information. Very helpful. Thank you 😊

Kim Geraci says:

Excellent explanation of the anatomy and the exercises! 🙌 Thank you!

Abd-al-Ahad says:

Beautifully explained – Superb – Thanks

Thirumal Rao says:

Can u suggest me for L4-L5 disk bulz supplements.? And can i do a standing job like sales men job? And it should heal?

Madara 5 says:

This guy really knows what he is talking about

Catherine Sandrasagra says:

Excellent video. Thanks

Achuimei Golmei says:

Thanks very nice your valuable good n healthy body.

Motivational Muse says:

Hi Lucas, glad I came a cross your video . The exercises explained are slow and gentle I'm motivated to try them. I'm 58 years old and developed this sciatic condition travelling by bus. At the beginning the pain was so bad I could not sit for long hours at my desk and getting g up was pain filled. Since then I have been exercising looking at videos the severity has subsided, but is still there. Thanks for your simply explained video and encouraging detailed descriptions. Will try them and get back to you soon.

Alex Hernandez says:

I found it strange that I would run backwards and find relief. The crawling made a lot of sense. I don't feel pain anymore but I feel intense pressure. A stiffness. I'm going to continue your recommendation of exercise thanks.

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