Knee Arthritis Stretches and Exercises Full Routine (KNEE PAIN RELIEF!)

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Knee Arthritis Stretches and Exercises Full Routine // Caroline Jordan // Fight inflammation the natural way with Active Atoms Turmeric Visit: and enter Caroline10 at checkout to support my channel, fight inflammation and live with freedom.

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This knee arthritis stretches and exercises video is simple to do and should provide some relief from knee arthritis pain. It is also great for keeping your knees healthy and fit. Our exercises will target calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes – the muscles that contribute to healthy knee function and help prevent injury. By strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings, and other muscles surrounding the knee, the knee becomes more stable and bones experience less impact during weight-bearing, which in turn reduces pain.

People living with knee arthritis pain may feel like exercise is the last thing they want to do or even should do. However, most people with knee osteoarthritis can benefit from regular exercise. In fact, research suggests regular exercise can be as effective as acetaminophen or NSAIDs in reducing knee arthritis pain. If done regularly, almost any knee exercise program will result in improvements in knee pain and function. Watch the video Knee Arthritis Stretches and Exercises Full Routine (KNEE PAIN RELIEF!) and get a clear understanding regarding the same.

I believe Movement is MEDICINE. As your certified health and fitness coach, I want to teach you to exercise that strengthens muscles because stronger muscles can better support joints. I want you to be consistent in incorporating movements that help your body move better and feel better. Regular exercise will help the knee joint and surrounding muscles limber, which will increase knee function. Get your doctor’s approval to perform these exercises and once you’ve gotten permission incorporate this video routine into your week consistently for pain relief and progress.

Positive Feel Good Fitness,
-Caroline Jordan


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Caroline Jordan says:

Knee Arthritis Stretches and Exercises Full Routine // Caroline Jordan // Fight inflammation the natural way with Active Atoms Turmeric Visit: and enter Caroline10 at checkout to support my channel, fight inflammation and live with freedom.

Laurie S Hurley says:

I could do everything but the standing ones. Had ankle surgery on my left foot and my right knee is flaring up from balancing on it for so long when I was in a cast and boot. Am I missing any seated knee strength workouts? I found #1 and #2. Really like them!

Candi Cunningham says:

That was fantastic, Caroline! If you’re having an active flare of your arthritis in one knee, how often do you recommend doing this routine during a week?

Joan Curts says:

Excellent video!

Neeta Gupta says:

Everything you do is a miracle!

Barb Haines says:

I have what you would call a permanent foot injury, or I should say a birth defect that didn't manifest until 7 years ago that has given me very limited mobility. This is now affecting my knees. Your hurt foot videos & now this knee video has helped me so much because all my workouts now are on the floor. Thank you & I appreciate you more than you know.

Lillian Fredriksson says:

That was nice, Caroline. Thank you ❤️

Ken E Bago says:

😀Catherine Swanson😃
I am in the homestretch right now! I have my knee replacement surgery in 3 weeks. I have been exercising to this video for about 6 weeks now and feel much stronger and my muscles feel looser. I can bend my knees further and have less pain. Thank you, Caroline Jordan

Joseph Sielski sr says:

How did you know that I wanted this video, thank you

Carrie Emmerson says:

Thank you for this video! I, too, feel like it was made just for me at just the right time. I love your clear instructions and positive and supportive attitude. Keep 'em coming, please!

Lillian Fredriksson says:

Caroline. That was really great. I cannot get to a physical therapist right now due to COVID and am trying to rehab a torn meniscus on one knee and a torn ACL on the other. These were very helpful today. Thank you!

Stephanie says:

Happy New Year Caroline! Thank you for this excellent video. I have osteoarthritis in my right knee and will incorporate your exercises into my weekly routine. Where did you get your standing desk? I am writing my master's project for grad school and need to change my desk configuration. Was thinking about getting an adjustable desk to relieve neck strain. Thank you! xo, Stephanie

MB Kurilko says:

Another great video! I've been doing your sciatica video for over two years and it completely eliminated my pain. I am trying to avoid knee replacement surgery, so I tried this one today. A lot of videos say they're for knee arthritis, but often have exercises that won't help, or might even hurt. I love your encouraging words and phrasing like, "If reaching your toes is not available to you right now…."

Thank you so much for these videos. You're making such a difference to so many people!

Mari Mortsfield says:

Thank you…just what my knees needed.

Celia Moses says:

I bave knee Arthrtis. Love your low impact routinr

Maryanne Razzo says:

Now onto ballet floor barre Pilates!!

Allan Irion says:

WOW! The algorithms work for Me! Was given your 4 year old chair workout (I stopped to share) this morning. Building back muscles from a knee injury is priority at the moment. Your channel is awesome, you're contagious! Thanks!!

Ken E Bago says:

Thank you for posting this video! It seems designed just for me (and others with knee arthritis). It helped loosen up my muscles around my knees!! Thank you, Caroline Jordan!!–from Catherine Swanson

Ken E Bago says:

😀Catherine Swanson

Shiva Kumar says:

💐👌👌 thank you very much 💐

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