How to Fix Neck and Shoulder Pain FOR GOOD

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Dr. Rowe shows how to quickly fix muscle aches, tightness, and pain in the neck and shoulders.

We’re going to do this by fixing tightness and weakness in two main muscles: the upper trapezius (traps) and levator scapula.

To make it easy, the video will be broken up into two separate parts to help lengthen and strengthen these muscles. That way we can get quick pain relief, but also help get rid of it for good. Go through both parts, and use what gives you the most relief.

As a bonus, all of these stretches and exercises can be done at home, require no special equipment, and may give fast neck and shoulder pain relief… even in as little as 30 SECONDS!

Watch now and get rid of neck and shoulder pain for good!

0:00 Intro
0:59 Upper Trapezius Tightness Fix
4:12 Levator Scapula Tightness Fix
5:29 Shrugging Lift-Off
7:49 Shoulder CARs


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SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center says:

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Quinten Smids says:

Is it good to do these daily or should I take a day off in between for the exercises?

Tr3yTooGoat3d says:

When I turn my head to the right it hurts like in my lower right side of my neck and idk what to do

Green Valley says:

When I put my finger into my front shoulder instant pain relief for my neck why is that?

13 schmeckles says:

After doing the self massage with the racquet ball, I could have cried with relief.

Also I laid on the floor with the ball under my shoulder, while moving side to side and that worked.

sAntosh Bangalore says:

one time complete blood count (CBC) and a vitamin B12 blood test level check up.

Kyaw Win says:

It strikes me at once when I come across your great video,I know It'll help for sure,thank you

Marguerite McNulty says:

Thank you so much. I have struggled all week with really bad neck & shoulder pain. I feel like a new women after those stretches.

Maurizio Stampella says:

You're my savior! Thank you so much

diann h says:

I think I hurt my shoulder while sleeping somehow. I move around alot and wake up in the weirdest positions. My pain has been here for months. If it wasn't for your videos I'd still be in pain. I felt relief so much. Thank you!!! Best on YouTube!

justanothervote says:

I found it helpful to slow the playback speed down so I could follow the instructions more thoroughly .

justanothervote says:

Just found this channel, excellent advice thank you!

Lily Mou says:

Very nice, thanks

J. Ward says:

God this helped so much. Thank you!

jody ashmus says:

Omg!! Thanks!! The side stretches always make it worse for me but as soon as I did the wall stretch, then added my weight handles (like .5 lbs) made all the difference. I have been suffering with neck pain for soo long. Even the over door neck stretcher stopped working. I had immediate relief. I pray this will stop the headaches!!

R. Raja Lakshmi says:

You are looking soo cute whenever you smile. 😊

P Tarlow says:

Many of these suggestions aren’t possible to do when your shoulder and arm are so painful that you can’t move the arm on the pain side.

Anonymous says:

Hello, love your videos. Regarding the strengthening exercises at the end of the video, isn't it important to deactivate the upper traps and activate or strengthen the lower traps? You mention that the upper traps will be firing during these exercises. If the upper trap is already aching and fatigued due to overuse, won't firing them make them more sore and fatigued? Would love your thoughts.

Frikkie Smit says:

instant relief for my pain muscles as it was kinda stiff as i looked up. now its gone! thank you!

Jan says:

Nothing works for me so frustrating

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