Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

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The information and exercise videos below have been developed by BESS physiotherapists and are designed for people who have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is a common condition that affects the shoulder causing significant pain and reduced movement. The majority of people who experience frozen shoulder will eventually get better with or without treatment.

By following the advice and exercises within the video your symptoms should improve. Remember that the course of frozen shoulder is a long one, but if you feel that you are not making progress within 6-12 weeks or your shoulder pain is getting worse, please contact your health care provider.

Acknowledgements: BESS Expert Patient Group (BESS EPG) members, Shoulder Research Users Group (SHRUG), UK FROST Trial (NIHR HTA: 13/26/01) & South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


Brendan Creaven says:

I have frozen shoulder and am presently coming out of the painful (absolutely agonising) phase. I have found swimming has really helped, doing a light breast stroke and also doing stretches in the water. The water provides both support and resistance for the exercises.

Eva van Tartwijk says:

It's 'taken me 3 years for each shoulder to heal and one is still totaly stiff but slowly getting better. Seems like no training can release that stiffness in the shoulder cap?

The health key Zhao says:


Teresa Sugden says:

I've had frozen shoulder in each shoulder 4 years apart for virtually no reason. Now 6 yrs later I'm healing from a broken radial head in my elbow!!! I have to say, even with the surgery that frozen shoulders are far worse pain! Took me a year to get range of motion back on each shoulder, I sure hope the elbow is that good or better.🤔

Chris H says:

Thank you this is really helpful, my problem seems to be consistency. Can you give me a call 3 times a day to make sure I’ve done these😊

Valerie Webster says:

Thank you so much. These exercises look like exactly what I need!

Russell Beckett says:

Really helpful

Stephen Gwilym says:

Excellent resource – thank you BESS team

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