20-Minute Neck Pain Relief Routine with Real-Time Stretches & Exercises

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This 20-minute neck stretching & exercising routine is done in real time so it’s easy to follow along. These neck stretches & exercises help loosen up the area & strengthen the muscles for effective pain relief. Buy a worksheet with this routine https://www.askdoctorjo.com/20-minute-neck-worksheet

The neck and shoulder muscles are often the same groups of muscles, so this stretching and exercise routine may help relieve shoulder pain as well.

This routine starts off with a warm-up, neck side bend, rotation, and shoulder circles. These should help loosen up the neck muscles.

Then beginning with exercises, a chin tuck and chin tucks with shoulder shrugs and shoulder squeezes can not only help with neck pain relief, but they can also help with improving posture in general.

Next, go into stretches after the muscles have been moving with an upper trap stretch, levator scap stretch, and an anterior scalene stretch. These will help loosen tight muscles around the neck and shoulder.

Now, go back to a chin tuck, but add in exercises to the deep flexor muscles with a neck flexion at the same time.

To help with the neck and upper back, a rhomboid stretch is a great combination stretch.

Finally some isometric exercises will help strengthen the muscles without movements that might cause pain. Cervical side bend and extension are great to help get the muscles stronger.

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20-Minute Neck Pain Relief Routine with Real-Time Stretches & Exercises

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AskDoctorJo says:

Buy a worksheet with this neck pain relief routine at https://www.askdoctorjo.com/20-minute-neck-worksheet
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Marit Severijnse says:

thank you! And cool t-shirts 🙂

Riv g says:

I've been doing this routine for months now and i just want to thank you. I have had chronic pain since I was 14 (over 5 yrs ago) from whiplash and concussions. I have done countless things to try to help, including going to physical therapy for over a year and overly expensive treatments. Really, nothing has helped me. But a couple months ago I started doing this every day and I feel so good that I'm planning to get off my medicine that helps with the pain. Thank you so much for freely giving this information to the public, its been a life changer <3

Aniso Abdi says:

Thank you doctor Jo Help this exercise A lot

AshfordAH1Z says:

How do I stretch underneath my collar bone

bbb7331 says:

Hi Jo, thank you very much these really started to help immediately. I like your videos <3. What do you recommend me to do? I am a CS PHd student, I work on my computer at least 13 hours a day, and I developed a bad posture!

Ely Hilder says:

Thanks, Dr Jo.🙏

Adrienne Copeland says:

Have completed this 3 times in a week, and am noticing an improvement in range of movement, pain reduction, and, driving!! Thank you so so much from Northern Ireland. x

Tony Mc Conville says:

This was fantastic. You're an absolute Godsend!

Young C. says:

wow feel like my neck has been overhauled. thank you Doc.Jo!

Diego Saavedra says:

how often can i do these after i acquired stiff neck for days after i slept in bad position?

Sorour H says:

Thanks a lot use full as always
Why my neck has a lot of noise

Pinkdripdrip says:

That was on point no 🧢!!!

Han Win says:

Thanks a lot !

Soheila Alipour says:

Thanks for theses demonstrations but Dr. I still have pain all day longue and even all night, each time I change positions I have so much pain I wake up and then all day its like I haven't slept at all!!!

Pat Callahan says:

Doctor Jo,
I’m a retired U.S. Marine 66 years old with over 14 cervical and lumbar surgeries.
I developed foreword head droop and chalked it up to the metal rods and plates in my neck.
When standing with my shoulders to the wall I could not touch the back of my head to the wall.
I thought I would end up like Julia Child looking at the floor all the time.
I’ve used two of your videos, relieve neck pain from trigger points & muscle knots and 20 minute neck pain relief routine with real time stretches.
And did them daily for the last six months.
My neck pain (20+ years) is completely gone and I can touch the back of my head to the wall with my shoulders touching!
I cannot thank you enough for your awesome videos, very encouraging and easily understandable, with real results.
Thank you so much!
Orlando, FL🏝😎

annmarie Bute says:

Thank you very much 🙏🙏♥️♥️

Shifa Ibrahim says:

Thank you so much doctor Jo, i hurt my neck doing barbell shoulder press today and was in extreme pain until i found this video. I am feeling much relieved. Again thank you so much 😊.

PSSg Celocia Jr PP says:

Is it okay in standing position?thanks dok

james olson says:

Ive been doing these and theyve helped alot. Thanks Dr. Jo. Love your doggies too.

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