10 Best Stiff Neck Pain Relief Stretches

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A stiff neck can cause tightness, pain & loss of motion. Many of the neck muscles go down into the shoulders and can cause tightness there as well. These stretches may help relieve neck & shoulder pain. Buy a worksheet with these stretches: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/stiff-neck-relief-worksheet

Starting off with cervical or neck motion will help get the muscles warmed up and moving. Cervical rotation, cervical side bend, cervical flexion, and cervical extension will stretch and warm up all the muscles surrounding the neck.

Next, chin tucks are a great stretch and exercise to help reset the neck muscles. These are especially great for posture and people who work at a computer or do a lot of gaming.

Then go into full stretches where you hold the position for 30 seconds. Upper trapezius, levator scapulae, and scalene stretches are great stretches to help relieve tightness.

Finally, the last two stretches will help get the rotation movement of not only the neck, but also the upper back or thoracic area as well.

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10 Best Stiff Neck Pain Relief Stretches:

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AskDoctorJo says:

Buy a worksheet with these stiff hip stretches: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/stiff-neck-relief-worksheet
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Heherson Silao says:

It's so effective. Thank you.

Fired dragon says:

I'm 16 and this happened me in early morning,i was scared and after 2 hours I try to stand up but I can't and after that I've try and I stand up and the pain is better than morning

kejow says:

I had a very bad stiff neck 4 months ago and this really helped! the towel one feels so good, like omg I can move my neck again lmao
now my boyfriend has his neck hurting and I remembered this video and I'm showing it to him! thanks Dr Jo and adorable dog! 💕

Droptop Fab 916 says:

Necks feels better, I’m still experiencing some pain and tightness/discomfort on the side of my neck as well as constant popping. Is it because I just started doing these and it will take time or should I contact my doctor about it?

al says:

Doing 1st and 2nd hurts me.

Nabeel Ahmed says:

Best instant relief. Thank you!

Jaz Radcliffe says:

Thanks, this helped with my shoulder pain. Probably a trapped nerve in my neck.

Aurasin Massey says:

I screwed up and washed my hair with the A/C BLasTING…&& I slept wrong. I've watched (and practiced) a few of your moves, now it's time to boogie! My first time EVER doing this 🤕🤞✌🤟🖖👌

chewy_sof says:

I can’t move my neck ahhhhhh

Sav1ouR says:

wow !Thank you, woke up with a stiff neck. This really helped bring the pain down.

C Van Zyl says:

I unknowingly did something in my sleep to seriously injure my neck; I immediately woke up from the pain the second that this happened. Now it feels painfully stiff whenever I move my head sideways, up or down. When I do the first stretch you showed (turning head sideways) I hear a crackling noise. Is this normal?😔 I'm worried that I did something to permanently injure my neck.

nic says:

Thank you I slipped and bashed my head on the beach steps today and landed on my back ! My neck is so very stiff sitting up ! The excise feels so nice xxx

Aamina Sarwar says:

Hy am from pakistan . I have sever myonosis for many years or almost 9 years and l don't when l will suffer in depression. Now l have relief from depression but am feeling too much hunger after few hours and if I don't eat something during hunger my neck stiffed or feeling headaches . I am too much tired 😩 from this appetite 😞.how can l get relief from this appetite? U re only the person whom I discussing this problem kindly kindly reply me. Plz plz . l will wait for your reply plz reply me.

Mehki says:

My neck started to stiffen when I was still in my 40's and now at 68, it's constant and somewhat painful. I exercise every other day with free weights, floor exercises, and pilates. I do some neck stretches and I'm going to add these to see if I can finally move my neck normally and actually be able to turn my head when I'm driving, instead of having to move my upper body. I tend to get stiff muscles, frozen shoulders, etc. I use my hands and arms a lot to communicate.

Eleanor Yankah says:

Thanks Dr Jo, my neck feels so much better!!!

Tanya Adora says:

Thank you for this ! This helped a lot

Josh Mark Y. MANALILI says:

THANK YOU Very Much for this video i been having repeated stiff neck for a couple months now it helps to quickly lessen the pain i feel everytime i have a stiff neck

swapna tamhankar says:

My stiffness in neck reduced by 30-40% in one session. Will repeat it again in evening for better results. Thank you so much

Cypher says:

i recently started exercising to gain weight not too nuch just about 30 mins a day, and for some reason i am slowing losing the ability to look up, there's no pain though, is it concerning, guess i should still visit a doc

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