#1 CRITICAL Step to Cure Shoulder Tendonitis, Bursitis, Impingement.

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present the #1 CRITICAL step that needs to be done in order to cure shoulder bursitis, tendonitis, or impingement.
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Texas Gina says:

I suffer tremendously from bursitis and tendinitis flareups. I can tell when they are coming on. I’ve had to have fluid and calcium extracted from my shoulder. I’ve had the shots. And my orthopedic doctor told me that my rotator cuff‘s keep tearing and filling in with calcium and it’s just a vicious cycle

Aykut Gocen says:

I tried everything ,but it goes and comes.
Had a frozen shoulder,and now impingement
The dokters tell me to do those things but it doesn't work.
They say do the same exercises,I do them for 6 years.
No result ,I asked needle or other things they say no

Joel Ongan Vlogs says:

Good day. Thank you for your shareng video idol. That's my problem sometimes my shoulder is hurt. God bless yo ido.💖💖💖

Louise Wijkander says:

I have been diagnosed with impingement and frontal subscapularis tendonitis. The impingement is not as problematic as the tendonitis in my case. How do I treat the tendonitis effectively!?? I ave been looking high and low for info on this but never found any that really targets this problem! I use crutches and a zimmer frame to move around due to an unrelated disability and this makes my situation even harder since the affected area never really gets to rest and heal. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

Sparkle47 says:

Do you recommend steroid shot’s?

Michael Wojciak says:

I've been a schmuck!

Irene OConnell says:

My pain is in the inside of my upper arm going to the front. I have to move it a certain way so it doesn't hurt. Does the pain come from a shoulder problem even if I don't have pain in my shoulder??

ceebitch says:

Thanks for your videos – these exercises DO WORK but they take time . They have helped me reduce my pain considerable – bad posture was my enemy – a lot better now ! bless you both

PetsNature TV says:

Buy you guys a arm poly it's only 15$ online it helps too. I had PT for 6 weeks and I can raise my arm now. Pain is minimal. I still need to work on my movement my right arm can't reach my back fully.

suzie mills says:

Broken humorus 6 years ago still hurts !!!!

the Brazil Show says:

I had years of shoulder pain on the right side, couldn't figure out what to do, didn't even know where it came from, but always thought it would eventually go away, but it didn't. it hurt to raise it above my neck. I've always slept on my right side, but about 3 months ago, I started sleeping on my back. After sleeping on my back a couple of weeks, my shoulder is healed, no pain at all and I have full range of motion. All by changing the way I was sleeping. Hope this helps someone. God bless.

Annette Seletzky says:

The stretch really helped my shoulder pain! Thank you so much. I only wish I had watched you sooner 😊

Annette Seletzky says:

The stretch really helped my shoulder pain! Thank you so much. I only wish I had watched you sooner 😊

John Walsh says:

I've done these stretches (most o them) all of my life. But your demonstrations of how to sleep on one's side have really helped me over the last 2 or 3 years. I have lot's of pillows to play around with. I no longer feel weird about having as many as five pillows. On psychological questionnaires that sought to diagnose depression there used to be a little added question at the end asking how many pillows you sleep with. No one ever explained what was up with that. (painful shoulders may very well be one of the causes of depression!!!???)

Harley Pineda says:

The mere uncle theoretically memorise because transport accordingly coil alongside a magnificent database. interesting, silky clock

Funke Fayehun says:

Thanks for this season, my own pain in my right arm.
What do I do please. It's on and off .

L Johnson says:

Thank you for these!

Deschamps White says:

Taller guy has terrible posture

sue vantassel says:

Hello Docs,
What exercises are good for frozen shoulder?

Lee Ford says:

Rubbish shite!…

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