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These general shoulder pain stretches & exercises can help relieve shoulder pain and tightness. If you’ve had a surgery or are on precautions, these might not be right for you. Purchase the Easy @ Home TENS unit featured in this video here: (affiliate link).

Starting off with some easier shoulder stretches and exercises will help loosen up the shoulder area and decrease the pain. Pendulums, scapular squeezes, and shoulder circles do a great job of getting the muscles moving, but in a fairly pain free way.

Another shoulder pain treatment is using a TENS unit. The folks at Easy @ Home sent me their EHE009. What’s great about a TENS unit is you can use it while exercising to help control the pain.

The next shoulder exercises are a little tougher, and they focus on some of the muscles around the scapula. Since there are so many muscles that attach to the scapula, if it’s not working correctly, it can cause a lot of shoulder pain.

The last exercises are lat pulldowns/squeezes, snow angels, and plank plus, and they are great scapular stabilization exercises.

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Top 7 Shoulder Pain Treatments:

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PRODUCT PLACEMENT DISCLAIMER: This video contains paid product placement. Thank you to Easy @ Home for sponsoring this video and providing Doctor Jo with a free EHE009 TENS Unit to use.


AskDoctorJo says:

Purchase a TENS Unit here: (affiliate link).
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Mark Grey says:

Why does my muscle pain shift location? My 'shoulder pain' sometimes gets replaced by a pain in the upper arm om the same side, then that gets replaced by pain at the edge of the shoulder blade near the spine then back again. Is this because these locations are linked by a single muscle?

Jack Pepper says:

Excellent Dr. Jo Thank you for sharing.

Michele Hemming says:

I have a tear on both shoulders, what exercise do I do its my rotator cuff.

Colette Woods says:

I like the Plank Plus. I do it on the wall and call it a scapular push up. Might be a good option for some folks. Thanks for your videos, they are very helpful!

Sharon Mitchel says:

Wonderful till I got to snow angel. Rt upper arm wasn’t happy so I stopped. Thanks for your work!

William Kainz says:

58 year old hockey ref going to make you. My go to Dr ty

Ken Aka MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast Network says:

Does this work for anxiety pain

king saloman pc says:

Hi ma'am my father has nerve compression in shoulder any treatment for that

daryl webb says:

u rock daryl webb

Forged Neon says:

I usually hate tutorials on shouldet pain because it doesn't work, But I was shocked and impressed at the same when you're tutorial worked, I WILL DEFINETLY SUBSCRIBE

Linda Alex says:

Doc send some elbow pain relief exercise

Lance Skinner says:

Would this be useful shoulder for shoulder impingement?

Lucas P says:

From 10:0311:00 exercise, it is better to keep shoulder blade, elbow and hands touching floor/ wall, right?
I am sorry I watch your left wrist didn't touch floor. Is it better to keep wrist also touching floor?

Susan Dorry says:

So happy you did this, my shoulder needs it, thank you

Paul Nahas says:

Thanks Dr. Jo! I hope those will help reduce the pain from sleeping on my side (either one!)

fivedriedgramsinsilence says:

Hi Jo, I saw that you've never made a video on winged scapula. I got a long thoracic nerve injury (I don't know how) and my doctor told me only surgery will fix it. I'm starting to have severe shoulder pain because of that, the humerous is totally internally rotated and it's starting to give me nerve pain down the arm and neck as well.

Pedro Maia says:

On the spot, excellent information, simple and effective. THANKS!


hey doctor, i want to consult u, i am from india, i have some back issues( si joint) that do not seem to improve. how can i consult u. do u offer paid online consultation to patients. thanku.

Tiny Nest says:


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