Top 5 Reasons You NEED to LIFT HEAVY!! (Important)

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Learn how much weight you should lift, when and why in one step by step system

Knowing how heavy you should lift to see the best muscle building results is a question that needs answering. In this video, I show you the top five reasons why you need to lift heavy weights in order to build muscle fast.

To start, I think it’s important to define what heavy truly is. I believe that heavy weights are those that cause you to fail in the 3 to 8 rep range. I say that knowing that most people don’t ever truly fail with weights since they quit the minute they feel discomfort or burning in their muscles during the lift. A well executed heavy set would likely cause you to fail in the 5 to 10 rep range.

That said, the best way to build muscle is to workout with heavy weights within these rep ranges, but not all the time. When you train heavy, you have to be sure that you allow enough time for recovery between workouts. There is no best weight to lift if you constantly find yourself under recovered every time you hit the gym. The weight you lift becomes irrelevant. So you’ll want to be sure that you recuperate between heavy workouts.

During your heavy workouts however you want to concentrate on overload. There is an old saying that says, if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you. In order to build muscle fast you have to be willing to challenge your muscles. Heavy weight lifting is one of the absolute best ways to do this.

Beyond that, lifting heavier weights allows you to expose muscle imbalances between your right and left sides and more importantly, lets you correct them. Just like a car that is out of alignment, you truly don’t see the problem until you start to drive fast. Same thing applies in your gym workouts. Until you start lifting heavier you won’t see the imbalances. As long as you are lifting under control, you will see the compensations and have an opportunity to fix them.

Lastly, doing workouts with heavy weights allows you to break through training plateaus by using what we call touch-up sets. These brief bouts of heftier loads allows you to bring up your lower end lifting weights. Once you feel how much more effort is needed to lift 20 or 30 more pounds, when you drop back down the original weights feel much much lighter.

It’s muscle building tips like these that have allowed top professional athletes to make the gains that they do with their workouts. These same exact lifting protocols and principles are available now to the non professional athlete in the ATHLEAN-X Training System. You can find this program today at

For more information on the best weights to lift to build muscle and workouts to build muscle fast, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at


Zabby Memon says:

Will only give arthritis

JayBee says:

Who came from the video of him saying you need to lift light 🤔😵🤬
This man is confusing 😂

Joel Camp says:

Jeff what happened to the chest from this video?

Fizzy Fizzgig Couple says:

Lol I find it strange that they're alot of people who lift same weight every week. Light

Ryley Weinbender says:

You are a motivator , I’m over 40 and struggle to stay focused . Your videos are a game changer . Please keep on motivating thanks

Jack Lafleur says:

Does this include body weight exercises?

Arshadin Mohammad says:

Jeff dont wear clothes at this times

Kacey nelson says:

Yessss wat iam doing lifting g heavy then I be lifting heavier wen I go bk to high reps


Dear Jeff, I always think of you, I wish that in Italy there were competent people like you and also the patience you have and are good-natured💯💖😘


Jeff Your Words is the excellent truth of how science works the world's rare natural athlete with so much experience😘💖💯

Sneaker's Corner says:

Not lifting heavy is KILLING YOUR GAINS!!!

AKS 47 says:

How should a fast bowler train???

Jacob Hancey says:

So what if you can't lift heavy. Like I'm new and can handle weight in the 15 – 30 rep rang. But I go higher than that, and I can't do one without twisting under the bar to get it up.

andi ogeng says:

Actually works

Mr Sky says:

Training heavy is overrated if you ask me. You can get the same results with lighter weights/ higher reps and less injuries (talking from experience of course )

Sv Ty says:

‘I’m not putting this down unless i hit those 2 more reps’

the won says:

uh oh, was my form good or bad?

Zae Buckhanon says:

i hate the people who say light weights are best first thats lazy asf and its common sense that if you lift heavy you gain more ik from experience keep lifting 25 pounds and see it get you no where

B Reynolds Sr says:

I think doing a weight far as 225 or so 10/10 builds muscles and go from there. That’s on a one day a week though

devon sams says:

Some days I lift light some days I lift heavy I’m just working on haveing the right form and controlling my speed idk

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