Sit and Be Fit – Prevent DVT segment

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In this segment, TV host Mary Ann Wilson, RN, shares circulation exercises from the award-winning Prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Workout.

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About Sit and Be Fit
Sit and Be Fit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to providing safe, effective, functional fitness exercise programming to all, via public television. Designed with a team of medical and health professionals this award-winning chair exercise series is ideal for older adults and others who need slow gentle movement, including those managing chronic conditions, injuries and/or physical limitations. Through its nationally syndicated television series, Sit and Be Fit promotes healing, functional fitness, and independence.

About Sit and Be Fit’s Host
Sit and Be Fit creator/host and National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee, Mary Ann Wilson, RN, believes everyone has the right to feel good and age well. She empowers viewers to improve their lives through exercise. Wilson is a recognized leader in the field of senior fitness and a pioneer of chair exercise. Her iconic presence on public television has spanned over 3 decades and has earned her the title, “the Mister Rogers of fitness TV”.


Andrew Schweighardt says:

Wow. Amazing.

Kishore Talks says:

how many times will do this exercise for day?

peepla7 says:

This tuckered me out around the 3 min make…but I'll get better! Thanks for this vid!

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