Hand Exercises for Seniors

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DISCLAIMER: Though this exercise video was created to be safe and effective, any use of this exercise video assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing these exercises or utilizing suggested equipment. Remember, we are all different. Always consult your doctor before undertaking a new exercise program like this one.


myffanwy2 says:

Cute, Bob Ross.

L Jones says:

Thank you…recently had radial distal wrist surgery and these are so helpful. Hope i can find some more of these to get me back to pre-fall.

Aparna Chapolkar says:

Namaste. Beautiful way of teaching and voice is so cute that inspired me to stay active. Thank you so much 🙏

Sue says:

Hi Doug, tx for this, hope this will help with my osteoarthritis, one of my fingers doesn’t bend down to make a fist, I can bend it but it can’t curl up. I will try these now and again thank you. Presume ok if you have carpal tunnel in one hand too?

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