Chair Workout | Get Fit In 20 Minutes

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Caroline Jordan

Chair Workout | Get Fit In 20 Minutes

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Marie T says:

You have actually got me motivated to do this thank you😁


This workout was really tough and I couldn't complete it. But it stretched my inner thighs.

Sara Matheny Sweeney says:

This videos have made such a difference for me. I injured my knee three weeks ago and have surgery in one week. It’ll be 6 months recovery after that til I can run again. I’m a runner and feared for losing my strength and cardio. These workouts have helped me maintain some level of fitness. I can’t wait to do them all during the rest of my recovery period!

Rebecca Landry says:

excellent workout

Cheryl Rizzo says:

This one really gets the heart rate going

M Palepale says:

Oh my gosh!!! LOVED THIS! Currently awaiting a knee replacement, so I'm pretty immobile right now. Normally, I'm super active and this sedentary period has been driving me crazy! After I finished this video, I have a slight sweat going on. Super stoked and big thanks to Caroline Jordan! <3

Ros V says:

How do you calculate calories burned doing chair cardio?

Cheryl Rizzo says:

Your chair workouts are amazing.

Kathleen Fink says:

Wow… this is incredible!!

Terry Kernes says:

Your workouts are great for me since I'm missing my left leg thank you for all the workouts you have I feel great!!

Dina Wilks says:

Definitely made me sweat

Sue Duckworth says:

I have had a toe fusion and am in a slipper cast. Great sweaty workout but can't do the Jumping Jack's!

Gina Axsom says:

Thank you for your videos – they’re very helpful, especially while I’m recovering from a foot injury.

Mark Ashley Simon says:

Hi Caroline,
I was really sweating! I wish I knew of your videos 2 years ago!!! Thanks so much. Oh you live in San Diego, I really miss it I moved from there to Singapore in 2015. Well, enjoy it and thanks again.

Y D says:

Awesome workout!!! I love the fast pace movements!! Thank you so much! ❤️🙏🙏

Jane Teasey says:

Fantastic, got me into a sweat for the first time in 5 weeks since breaking my foot

Mukund Keshoraiya says:

One of the best chair workout👍

Gabriele Vosmeier says:

I have a foot injury and have been doing your videos for about 4 weeks. I love them and my mood is so much better! Thank you!

Krishna priya Keshoraiya says:

This is great…i hv sore arms n abs

Kelly Gill says:

WHOOOOOO me and my besties got SWEATY!!!!

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