Chair exercises – Low Impact Exercises – Sitting Exercises

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Chair Exercises:
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In this video Deron Buboltz takes you through his fun, step by step Chair Exercises. These low impact exercises are designed specifically for people in pain, seniors, obese, and for beginners. Deron’s goal is to bring sitting exercises to a place it has never been before. To learn how you can join the club and start living a better more mobile lifestyle just click the link ABOVE.

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Keep it Movin!

– Deron Buboltz


Marianne Apperton says:

That was a great workout, I lasted through the whole video. Thanks for a wonderful work out.🤗

Diane Sawatzky says:

It's a shame more folks aren't doing these! Really found them helpful!!! Am 72 with arithritis and sciatica!!!! TYVM

Janice Beauchamp says:

This was awesome. Thank you 🙏

Ileen Toma says:

Thank you dear very much

Dee Hall says:

I need your help so much I have lupus and fibromyalgia so I do way to much sitting my muscle tone is horrible

Ileen Toma says:

Thank very much love ❤️ you

donna rodriguez says:

Awesome 👍

vinette turner says:

Thank you ! Exercise is so hard sometimes but with the chair it is amazing. will do everyday

James Woods, jr says:

Thank you, so much it help my Body. 😎

Joanne Martinie says:

Getting back to exercises!! thank you

Debra Fuller says:

what is cost to subscribe

Darlene Brown says:

very good . have a good day

Tom Osborne says:

How do I return to where I left off before signing up for the Founders Club?

Cynthia Brooks says:

I feel so much better. Love your exercises. I feel like I am at an exclusive gym with my own personal physical therapist.

Candy says:

This the BEST yet! for me. The relaxation meditation at the end was great. I've been following you for about a week and working out daily. Feeling stronger and more balanced each day. Thank you

Valerie Smith says:

I have been doing theses exercises for 5 months and I am starting to feel much stronger after a very long injury recovery process.

Jo Danna says:

Thanks sooo much I feel sooo relaxed

Stephanie DeLuca says:

Hi, I have chronic lower back pain, any suggestions that may help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and I enjoy your video so much.

Carla LaBossiere says:

A little late to the party but thankfully found you!! My husband and I both enjoy your many work outs from beginner to advanced. Your positivity is inspiring and infectious. Great way to start the day!!

carol gagnon says:

i love it great exercise for me….

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